Ann Arbor businesses validate parking tickets

If you're searching for businesses in Ann Arbor that will validate your parking ticket, search no more. The Downtown Development Authority
recently put this list on their website. Look in the parking info below the map.


Thanks for this helpful tip

this is extremely helpful and I always find it awkward to ask because they usually look at me confused or respond rudely. Then I think, "was that really worth it for 2 bucks?".

thanks for the info!

its helpful thanks

THere are a lot more businesses than I had expected and many types of businesses that I would not have expected, as well. Thanks for posting this information, AADL folks!

I agree--I feel like a cheapskate for asking sometimes. Very nice to know where which places will at least make it worth my while.

very helpful! I hate asking, so this will be a great help in identifying businesses that won't stare at me blankly.

This is great- I didn't know anyone validated any more. I was also wondering if there are any 5 minute spots downtown for running into the library. And, if so, where are they? The metered spaces in front are always taken.

All Republic Parking lots have a 10-minute grace period. On William Street, there are two spots in front of the drop-boxes that offer 5-minute parking.