Life-Sized Angry Birds

Do you love playing Angry Birds? Well, we have the event for you! We've partnered with the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center to bring you a life-sized Angry Birds experience.

At this drop-in event, in addition to launching birds at piggies, there will be other Angry Birds-related activities for you to to do. There will also be a number of Summer Game codes for you to collect as you make your way through the stations. No birds (or piggies) will be harmed at this event!

Drop in for this event on Monday, July 22 at the Meri Lou Murray Recreation Center, 2960 Washtenaw Avenue in Ann Arbor between 1 PM and 4 PM.

The entrance to the recreation center parking lot is off of Platt Road. Overflow parking for this event is at the County Farm Park parking lot, just south of the recreation center, also accessible from Platt Road.

This is a drop-in event for grades K-5.

There will be food present at this program.


kids love angry birds

When you say codes, you mean summer reading game codes?

Cool!! Wish I could come. And yes, they mean summer game codes.

Yep, we mean Summer Game codes. :)

Sounds fun we will be there

My friend, Paul, wonders, "What is life-size for an angry bird?!"

Everyone loves Angry Bird...

What is life-sized for an Angry Bird? That's a good question. For this event, we'll go with about 8 inches in diameter :).

My teen wants me to take her younger sibling (who is in the correct grade range) out of camp for the afternoon so we have an excuse to go. :D

This sounds like fun!

I remember when my friend dressed up as an Angry Bird.

Hum... I was picturing child-sized angry birds being launched at the kids.

That actually sounds kinda cute.

will there be teams?

We are looking forward to it. Wow! food. All that throwing will definitely kindle hunger ;)

makes me wish I were a kid again

Great questions folks! For this event, there won't be teams. It's every launcher for him/herself! About the food, it's more of a snack, but we wanted to let those who might need to avoid an event with food know that there would be food items there.


How do you even make these things?

I hope to be there!

Hi I have a question, I posted a comment and it went 3 or 4 times! And I can't delete them! What should I do?

Lots of fun.

sound like fun... wish I could have gone. ah well. DIE PIGS!(not really:)

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who obviously worked really hard to make this event happen. There must have been at least 20 aadl staff and volunteers working, and they seemed well prepared for the many hundreds of people who came. I know my kids had a great time. Thanks again!

Cheryl -- I brought my daughter, who just graduated from fifth grade. (The activity was for grades K-5.) The activities looked like fun, but she felt they were a little young for her. So we went home, and I deleted the game codes that I had found and entered. So I think, as you realized, your teen would have been well past the age range for the event, though her sister might well have enjoyed being there.

One neat thing is that I finally met the elusive Eli in person. Over the years, I've emailed him about a hundred times about various library things, and he always replies thoughtfully.

This was great! Thanks so much to all of the hard working aadl employees! This was above and beyond what we were expecting!

I was really impressed with this event! My 3.5 and 7 year old sons loved it - and there was so much thoughtful preparation, it blew me away. Thanks so much. We will look forward to other AADL activities in the future (this was our first, beyond story hour). Thanks for all the hard work in preparing, executing, and cleaning up the event.

We decided to just stop in for a second and I was VERY impressed. I expected something smaller but once again AADL went above and beyond

This was lots of fun and there were so many kids!

This was a really great event! Thanks for hosting this. Maybe some day the adults can have a turn?

Went to see this - kids were having a lot of fun.

This event was great! Thank you!