Felt Ball Fun!

Monday July 22 | 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm | Pittsfield Branch | All Ages

What is a felt ball, besides fun? It can be whatever you like! A gift, a pet toy, a ball for baby, a smiley-faced friend - it's up to you. Meet us at Pittsfield, where local crafter Beth Battey will show you how to use your hands, wool, soapy water, and some patience to create your own felt ball!

This event is for adults, teens and youth (grade K and up), so bring the whole family!


nice for whole family ...

I wish I could go


It sounds so fun!!!

Looks fun

They look so cute!

cute for sure!

so many cool craft programs, so little time!

this sound fun I think I might come

Yes, aadl has so many wonderful events!

can children create other shapes with the felt?

Participants are welcome to make any shape they want using warm water, soap and wool roving! Hope to see you there!

Fun and Interesting. WE enjoyed it.

Bummed I missed this. Boo for working late.

We were late, still we made it. Good.

It was very cool & fun to meet others too.