Family Camp-in 2013

It's going to be family night at the Pittsfield Branch. on Tuesday, July 23, 2013 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m when we have our annual Family Camp-in.

Join us around the campfire as we tell stories and sing songs with musician Sara Keller and her guitar. Then we're going to try to make ice cream. No electronic ice cream makers will be involved. We're going to try it the old fashioned way . . . with ice, salt and lots of shaking. You will also be able to try some sand painting.

It will be a fun evening for everybody. Parents must stay with their children for the entire event.

For some books about camping, click here.


sounds fun

We will be there!

Looks like fun!

Makes me wish I had kids! :)

If only I could come... oh well.

Oooh, I love camping! I hope I can come!

where in the pittsfield branch area?

are you planning on doing this at any of the other branches too?

fun o fun.....

The camp-in will be only at the Pittsfield Branch.
It will be in the program room.
Campfire, sand painting, ice cream . . . fun!

I want to come I love ice cream

i think i will be there

There is ice cream!

I may bring my little siblings to this. I think they'd enjoy learning how to make ice cream

Excited ...

What a fabulous event; thank you so much for hosting!!

We hope to make it tonight!


Oh! I Love to be there

Sounds interesting, can't come, though I can't come.

why pittsfield?

Supposed to be near record low temps tonight so good night for a bonfire--but maybe bring a hoodie or two? Specially for little ones.

The "camp in" was very well attended and there were lots of happy faces. Another big thank you to the aadl staff!

So cool. Sorry that I missed it.

I missed it...

Went as a family and we all enjoyed it.

Enjoyed it.

Nice activity