Get ready to STAR IT UP; it's another BADGE DROP!

5 weeks down, 7 weeks to go, and SUMMER GAME just KEEPS ON GETTING BIGGER! Now with over 20 MILLION points and 18,000 badges earned by 2800+ players, we're just hitting our stride; so we've prepared yet another amazing BADGE DROP for you this week!

Featuring the first set of CONTRIBUTOR'S TROPHIES for this Summer with the STAR GIVER series, you can now get badges and big points the more items you give star ratings to in the AADL catalog! So get starring and get POINTS!

We're also thrilled to announce that today, we're launching an ALL-NEW section of just for Parents of young kids: you've surely heard of our JUMP events brochure, so say hello to JUMP.AADL.ORG! We've pulled together all the information for Parents about great stuff for kids at your library, and made it easier than ever for you to find great stuff to see, do, find, and get at your libraries! To help welcome everybody into this new section, we've got 4 new JUMP-THEMED BADGES to help you find your way around! So take a look, and please let us know what you think!

And don't forget MOCHI MOCHI MADNESS with artist Anna Hrachovec this Sunday at 2 PM Downtown, plus you can still get MEGA BEAUCOUP POINTS by finding Josie's Catfish or making a public comment to the AADL Board of Trustees at the July 15th, 7pm Board Meeting at Pittsfield! There are still more shop items yet to be revealed and more surprises yet to come as SUMMER GAME 2013 keeps on rolling, so STAY TUNED and as always.....


Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #5


Why is the badge drop on this page instead of the Summer game homepage? Oh well, thanks anyway!!!

I'm so glad the badge drop is finally here!!!

here we go....

how come I already rated 10 items and I don't get the badge.

For Street's Quest #3, In the window of Frank Glazier’s building, look to locate a small neon sign,
Your code is the letters and numbers: the words that those glass tubes define. I have looked and looked on all sides of the building and cannot find a neon sign. Is it still there? (Today was my 3rd trip downtown.) Any hints?

weird moment with the JUMP: EVENTS badge, I have entered the 1st code and it's listed on my score card.. but the badge only shows that I have found the 2nd code... did I miss something or is there a tech issue? anyone else running into this issue?

for the first clue for the first jump badge, it says "AASP"
shouldn't it be AAPS?

Just FYI, for the "JUMP AROUND!" badge, the last code is actually found in the second book, not the third, unless the list was changed when I finished the badge.

@irenzero Sorry about that! There was a missing character in one of the codes in our database that matches up with the codes you submit. If you try redeeming again, it should be working OK now. Two of us just checked both codes on that badge again to be sure.

@mariah: I had the same problem in Jump Events badge as irenzero. Now the badge shows the two codes but does not show the badge as earned.

In Mochimochi Kawaii badge, are some codes missing from items?! I am pretty positive I have the right items but there are no codes for clues 3,4,5.

I just checked it and I also have the badge as showing that I have completed it, but it's not showing as earned either...


looks like everything has been sorted and the badge is showing up...

@ seasonsall - you are right some codes didn't get added. Sorry about that! It's fixed now and if you go back to the items you thought were correct they should be there. Thanks for letting us know!

@ompopp I just checked the list again - using chrome and safari - and I see the 3rd book in the list with the code in at just as the clue says. If you can let me know what you're seeing we can see if there's an issue. What books are you seeing listed?

Time to earn more points!

The badges are finally here!

Shirley Temple taught me that there are 48 books with "cherry" in the title, no books with "maraschino" in the title or "Grenadine" in the title... how could I miss the first clue?! Any hints?

try seeing what Grenadine means in another language....

Oh, I see what I did....I went to the sub-list of the Theodore Seuss Geisel Award so it was a completely different list. My mistake.

So excited.

@irenzero Thank you! Your hint worked!

Great! It was fun!

Wow those are like bonus points..Super star, Mega Star, Giga Star etc... Thanks alot!

Yay !! Can't wait to see what new items they stock in the Game Shop too.

The jump badges are super easy.

Grenadine in french

i GOT THE j.u.m.p. ONE

Why isn't there a link from to the JUMP page? If parents are not playing the summer game, how would they know that the page existed?


I got the Super Star Master one!!! I had earned it already, but for some reason it wasn't giving it to me.
@Eli: Does entering the codes to a badge in different orders screw up the badge? I got all the codes to a badge, but I got the last one before the second one, and after I got the second one, it didn't show up. It just kept on saying I had, whatever, 80 percent left. :/

Keep 'em coming! :)

Finished all the jump BADGES!!! (all the ones so far)

There's only one logical way to split the I of the Imperial Airways predecessor with the initials IAL, and that gives 1532 results. What am I doing wrong?

Is it possible to tag/review individual issues of a magazine? If not, could aadl change it. It would be helpful to know what a certain issue contains for future reference.

just split up the first word, and search it with AL

Thanks! Got it!

i already got two of those badges.

Bookbird and Sara,
Thank you thank you thank you!
That one had been driving me crazy even with the game's hint. I read your comments and had the code a minute later.
Thank you!

Got nine of the new badges so far

42 new comments, wow!

The last code of the Fly There badge has like 1000 something results.

The A Challenger Appears is the best badge so far this summer. That one was a lot of fun to try and work out.

This is addicting!

@Pumpkinscones, I completely agree about A Challenger Appears being a great badge, and my favorite so far this year. I learn so much following the badge quests. My hat is off to the person who designed it!


Is there a way to identify who is staff on the comments page? Would it be possible for all aadl staff- especially game staff- have some identifying marker?

The challenger and the fly there badge, are awesome

The shirley temple badges are too easy. Anyone else agree?

i haven't tried earning any


The summer game is great. A perfect thing to do when its too hot outside

For the third code of the "Don't Gaslight Me" badge, I believe the author wrote a play that Gaslight was based on, not a novel.

Must have been a mistake.

The new Jump site rocks! I love it - it is so easy to use to find items to check out and keep up with upcoming events.

What is geekly intervention?


@ wulfflynn & everyone,

Game staff here - re: the easiness of the Shirley Temple badges. Remember that the summer game is played by all ages - we have families playing with children as young as 3, grandparents playing with grandchildren, and everyone else in between. With that in mind we purposely created badges at a variety of difficulty levels. Knowing that Shirley Temple would potentially appeal to children is why these badges are easier and more accessible. We also want to give beginners to the game a place to start before moving on to the more challenging badges.

always fun

So now we have starring badges..... What's coming next week?

A cheap "trick" for gettting starring badges: I've been watching netflix for years, entering ratings for every movie I watch. It's easy to get a list of your ratings on Netflix and copying them over to AADL is fiddly but not hard, since both are on a five point scale. And those ratings entered right after watching a movie are probably more accurate than the ratings I'd come up with now based on my sometimes dim recollection of the film.

This is the best badge drop so far!

The "fly there" badge is the best badge so far

I'm Sorry about my comment

Hi wilfflynn - no need to be sorry at all! Just wanted to let you know how we plan the game. Questions are how we all learn and I'm sure others wondered the same thing and now they have the answer - so thanks for asking it!

hope everyone's having a good time earning badges

@Jan, thanks for the tip...I might even make it to 1000 ratings this year. It is getting harder and harder to do with each passing summer game, though, to find 1000 more items to rate in the catalog. The hard part is thinking of items I can rate: all the ones that come to mind first are the ones I have rated already.

It would be lovely if
1) there were some indication on the record that I had already rated an item before I rate it and see the "you got points" notice does not appear.
2) there were a catalog "juke box" that would suggest an item (to borrow or rate).

I'm not sure if you have the data or the programming in place to suggest items to patrons a la Netflix based on previous ratings, but either some form of that or a way for patrons to recommend items to each other more formally than a mention in a review would be great. Even a truly random juke box, with or without the ability to add constraints (e.g. only graphic novels, or graphic novels other than Marvel) would be useful for stumbling upon items. As it is, I do quests and stumble across items I want to check out that I never knew existed or were in the library collection.

Attention! Would one of the people who earned the Street's Quest #3 Badge PLEASE help me? I have been stuck on this clue for weeks:

In the window of Frank Glazier’s building, look to locate a small neon sign,
Your code is the letters and numbers: the words that those glass tubes define.

I have looked and looked on all sides of the building and cannot find a neon sign. Is it still there? (Today was my 4th trip downtown.) Any hints?

there's nothing to be sorry about

@sara, I looked up the code you are looking for (Streets Quest #3, Glass Gazing, third code) in my history. I have not been downtown for a while and so I don't know if the sign in question has been removed or moved for absolute sure. I find it hard to imagine the sign you need is not still there, as it is pretty instrumental the the type of business and its services, especially the automated variety. Are you sure you have the right building at that location?

@cherylo - at this point, I'm not sure of anything. A couple of friends have looked as well, and have seen nothing (as far as neon signs in windows.) I no longer have the list of codes I have tried. I was looking at/in the Glazier building on Main.

@sara, so the business on the ground floor of the building you looked at is a bank, correct?

Maybe I should have you email me...I think if you look at my player page you can find my last name. My email address is [my first name].[mylastname]@gmail; if you send me a query I'll see if I can help you more off the chat.

it's actually a pretty small sign (when i last saw it)

@cherylo. I didn't even know we could see each other's pages. I looked on yours and discovered you are way high up on the leader-board, but it doesn't show your name (only cherylo.) I am looking in a bank. The only thing I can think of is that I haven't been there when it's been dark. But, I did look in every window- even around the corner. There was a lighted sign inside the door, but not neon, and it didn't work as a code.

Thanks for the hint Bookbird- is it small like mochimochi knits?! ...the sign is in the business part- not in an upstairs window?

first floor window, next to door. small as in it does not fill the window. the letters and the numbers are kinda squished together...

@sara, if you send a message to cherylo@ umich. edu (remove spaces first), it will get to me. (I'm an alumna of the University of Michigan, and that alias forwards to one of my real email addresses), if Bookbird's help is not sufficient.

So behind...

i almost have all of the badges for books and beyond.

What's DoOrDiag? (It's listed on the leaderboard)

When is the next badge drop?

Badge drops are always on Fridays (late in the day) - stay tuned!

Thumbs up for A Challenger Appears! :) *claps*

To all you summer gamers out there I am working on the Fly There badge and I am having great trouble finding the first codeword to the badge. I have Wikied up some info on what I believe could be the answers I am looking for but as I read more of the article I think I may have found a simular article but not the right one. I am wondering if any of you had the same problem and if you did I am wondering if you could give me a clue to find the right article so I can work on the badge.
Thanks so much for the help

@sara: I've been wondering the same thing! I can't figure it out.

for the fly there badge code #1, search the name of the early British commercial long range air transport company, operating from 1924 to 1939 and serving parts of Europe but principally the Empire routes to South Africa, India and the Far East, including Malaya and Hong Kong. it should have the initials IA

@BookBird I just looked up what should be the right codeword for clue # 1 for the fly there badge. When I typed in the answer I got over 400 options where to find the codeword so I think I am typing the answer the wrong was or I am not narrowing down the answer enough so I am wondering if you could give me a clue to help narrow down the answer.
Thanks so much for the help

Try only searching some of the words

Oh my mistake, you search for the four companies that were merged into IA. such as B****** M***** Air

Are there going to be new "Jump" badges