Comics Character Challenge at AADL

Monday, July 15 | 6-8 PM | Malletts Creek

This week in the SUPER COMICS CHALLENGE get ready to conjure up some awesome heroes and lugubrious villains! Yes indeedy, cartoonist and teaching artist Jerzy Drozd’s challenges will loosen up both your brain and drawing arm.

Come every week to collect a special series of video challenges! Become the supreme master of visual storytelling! ALSO, each week there’ll be a drawing for awesome items donated by 2013 Kids Read Comics artists!


i'll be there

sounds like fun..

Maybe Be There!

Fun! We will be there. :)

sounds like fun


Monday was my first time at an AADL Comics Event and I am def. coming back tomorrow. Jerzy could not be more welcoming or encouraging and there is a nice camaraderie between the obvious regulars, despite the vast differences in ages. Come along..... it doesn't matter if you can't draw, use it for story practice like I am.

I hope one of my friends is going...

have fun everyone

cool go to here!