“There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!”

In the mood for a throw back cartoon that will transport you to your days of youth? “There’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” Underdog is an American animated TV series that ran from 1964-1973. It featured the mild mannered Shoeshine boy (dog!) who transforms himself into a super hero canine by eating a super energy pill he keeps in his ring. (Incidentally, when the series re-ran on the Nickelodeon channel the network chose to edit out the pill popping part.) Revisit this gem and watch Underdog fight villains the likes of Riff Raff and Simon Bar Sinister, all in the defense of his love, Sweet Polly Purebred. For a more modern version, check out the 2007 live action movie released by Disney that features Jason Lee, Peter Dinklage and Amy Adams.






haha! I remember this show

love the movie

While I never saw the TV series, I really enjoyed the movie featuring Jason Lee (who played Earl in "My Name is Earl") as the voice of Shoeshine.

My dad and I love this!

Think his constant rhyming is a precursor of rap?

That catchphrase will never be forgotten.

My brother loved the movie, but he found the cartoon more amusing for its...amusement? He just thought it was funny in the way old stuff is to the young. :P