Find us at the Rolling Sculpture Show!

This Friday, July 12 from 2 - 8 pm, drop by the AADL tent (on Liberty between Main and 4th Avenue) at the Rolling Sculpture Car Show to play Pictionary, get extra points for the Summer Game, and play with trucks in sand. We can tell you all about our programs and give you a rest before you take in more rolling sculptures!


We'll be there if not's over 85*F with over 85% humidity. :-)

well book

We will be there!

see you there

Ooh... Pictionary! :)

i'll be there

That sounds interesting, I hope I can come!!!

Sounds interesting - I've never heard of this event before.

Wanna see that

we'll there

Cool! wish I could go...

Does anyone know where the AADL tent is located? We're not going to get there early enough to have extra time to search for it.

I found you guys yesterday! :)


I'm sad I missed this event.

Awesome cars!

I'm not a "car person," but I enjoyed this car show!