Make a Cast Fossil

Monday, July 8 | 2-3pm | Downtown MPR | Grades K-5

'Rock' out with us and make your own cast fossil out of clay and plaster of paris while exploring a process that has created fossils in sedimentary rock for billions of years.

Fossils in the earth can be formed out of plants, or invertebrates like mollusks and arthropods, or vertebrates like dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. Fossils are found in different forms too. Sometimes they are turned to stone or preserved in amber, and other times they leave an imprint in the earth that is filled in by different minerals, forming a cast. We will replicate the process of creating cast fossils.

You're welcome to bring a small, hard item that can fit in the palm of your hand -- for example, a dinosaur toy or a sea shell -- or you can use the objects the library provides. Looking for more information on fossils? Check out these great books and videos from the AADL collection.


Sounds cool.

Oh my, that sounds so cool!! Wish I could come. But does it count as a fossil if it's not from a long time ago?

It sounds cool and I'm pretty sure it does, but really, oh my...

"Oh my" is a perfectly okay thing to say. Or type.

OK, whatever you say...

Really cool

this is awesome i might be able to go.

I like fossils.

Not really a real fossil, but a mock fossil. Wish I could go.

Another amazing event! However, the best events always seem to be for the age group K-5 which I'm not in

create your own fossil???????? sounds so cool. but i wouldn't be able to go ot it because i am the only kid in my family that is in that grade-group..

Maybe for kids, im not really a kid lol

You have the coolest events for kids!

Looks neat

Do you plan on having this again?

Didn't get there.

fossils rock!