S'more Solar Fun

Join us for S'more Solar Fun on Monday, July 15, 2-3 PM at the Traverwood Branch.

Using a few household materials, we'll make a solar s'more oven. You'll also leave with the fixings to try out your oven on a sunny day.

This program is for grades K-5.

Food will be present at this program.


This is an awesome idea. Thanks!

makes me wish i was a kid...

Cant wait...

Wow, great idea!


looks fun to me

My kids are SO looking forward to this. And it looks like there will be plenty of sun....


I remember doing something like this!

s'mores... reminds me of when I was a girl scout

The marshmallows will melt by themselves today!

This must have been a really fun event. I wish I had gone...

Why did you do this without me knowing!!! WHYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you make this an annual event? I LOVE the idea for the kids, thank you!

Glad to see so much interest in this event. We'll keep this in mind when planning future programs!

We made one but the weather has been on the cool side. Waiting to use it.

Beats dropping the marshmallow in the ashes!

What fun.