The 2013 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

Are you playing the SUMMER GAME at your library? If so, the 2013 SUMMER GAME SHOP is now open for you to spend your points on great AADL stuff! If not, well, what are you waiting for? Players of ALL AGES can have fun earning points by reading, attending events, finding codes hidden in library buildings, and solving puzzles hidden in the AADL catalog, plus tagging, reviewing, and rating items ALL SUMMER LONG! GET STARTED today and see what all the fuss is about with Ann Arbor's most rewarding way to spend your summer! Any questions? Just Contact Us and we'll help you out! Find some codes, read some books, play some games, get some points and trade them in for great stuff like this, delivered to the branch of your choice! It's super fun all summer... DON'T MISS IT!


it's either a spammer, or someone who doesn't know how to edit their comments.

I don't think we should do that until the post is on the 2nd page of posts. Then we will be sure it doesn't disturb anyone

Huh? But isn't it on the second page already? For my computer it is...

2nd page OF POSTS. as in summer game posts, not this post.

Huh? Like on the second page overall thing.


Okay, I understand only on older posts. Got it!

I think people are spamming because you get 50 points for each comment

Yeah, I agree, or else there would be no reason to spam.

We have been trying to get the backpack from the summer game shop for the last couple of years. This year I don't even see it in the game shop :-(

I think it might be a mystery prize, so be patient and it will hopefully come out :)

These are really cute.

By the way there needs to be tighter monitoring of comments. There's spam popping up, eg in the HIV testing post

Hi All--

If an item sold out and went away in a previous year we won't be getting it again. That includes the backpack we featured last year. We want to keep it FRESH and NEW!

Hi Willow, We do monitor pretty tightly, but some monitoring is automated, which is what led to problems when super enthusiastic *real* posters were posting.

Is the HIV testing post still up on a thread? If so, can you tell me which? I haven't spied it yet. Thanks so much!

We're doing our best to keep things spam-free, but sometimes it's a tricky balance, and sometimes even the best filters let things through or block real folks! : )

so no backpack or umbrella?


I really wanted a backpack... My brother took the one I got, because my mom said I had too many aadl things.

Can't you guys share, you know sharing is caring.

cool stuff ....

Here's an idea for a prize- how about a coupon for a free book at the Friend's Shop?

You realize books there are really cheap right? Only 25 cent to 2 dollars...

Ok, then, a coupon for $5 worth of books at the shop. You wouldn't have to use points towards it if you didn't want to, but some people might prefer books as prizes. Just a thought.

@sara: That's a great idea for a prize! :-)

I hope you all played the classic game - because if you're a kid or a teen you get a brand new, FREE book when you complete that part of the game.

I'm really loving all the new stuff this year. The new messenger bags are terrific! I like both, but the navy/lime & olive/grey ones are so spacious! I got the navy/lime one and it's become my new "take to work" bag. There's plenty of room for the book I'm currently reading, an extra book if I'm getting close to the end, my day planner, and any other assorted odds and ends. And I love that it has velcro AND straps that hook together as a closure. It helps to ensure it doesn't fly open at the wrong time.

The picnic blanket is really great too. I'm really bad at visualizing dimensions so even though it says the dimensions in the description, I didn't realize just how large it really was and yet it folds up into a nice, compact bundle for easy carrying. It's really soft too. I'm looking forward to trying it out. :) The picnic cooler's incredibly spacious as well and I'm looking forward to using that as well.

So definitely get out there and earn those points so you can spend them on these great items. :)

What is in the chocolate package.

How much AADL stuff do you have?

a super package, and enough stuff to put together another package.

A lot of stuff...

How much stuff is in the super packages

@wulfflynn, based on past years' super packages and intuition, this is what I expect:
-the caffeinated one is likely coffee beans and some accessories, like a mug or similar.
-the chocolatey one will be a largish plain chocolate bar, with an SG and/or AADL logo, and may come in milk and dark.
-the supreme package will be a selection of basic summer game shop items, like a hat, a tee (not sure about this, since they have limited inventory according to the tees available in the shop), frisbee, beachball, one of the messenger bags (probably the canvas one), earbuds, one of the new sippers, an S. G. Puppypants, and some misc other promo swag (buttons, pens, etc.) Usually you could get the main items it will include for fewer points separately, but this is a prestige package, so it comes at a premium.
-similarly, the penultimate package will have a selection of main shop items and odd promo stuff, usually with some items not otherwise available. For example, last year there was a lunch bag only available as part of this collection, and the previous year there was a silver water bottle only available in the penultimate pack.
-the button pack will be a selection of library buttons, maybe with some unusual/new stuff or reprints based on the package text.
-the "badgey bag thing" will be one of the cotton messenger bags and some stuff to customize it, perhaps markers, stencils, fabric paint, iron on transfers...?

I expect each one will have a special game code to be redeemed for a badge indicating the package purchased included so the player can memorialize his/her specialness on their earned badges list. Note I am not staff and have no inside information; I just know the history of the super packages. Actual packages may differ significantly. Maybe I have it all wrong and the supreme package won't have a messenger bag but will have a cooler and picnic blanket. We won't know until they are posted and available

great stuff this year!

Thank you for the really descriptive and most likely completely on the mark guesses, Cherylo.
I wonder how the staff feels to have their plans exposed.....:D

cherylo your comment was really helpful - this is my first year playing. Thank you so much for some insight into what they may be. So cool!

@bchapman630, I remember the first year (2011) that I had a real dilemma deciding whether to get a particular piece of swag before the contents of one of the prize packs was announced or to hold on to my points for a prize package. I don't remember how I resolved it exactly (I would have to dig into my 2011 point ledger records to remember what exactly I did), but if I can help people understand the choices, I think that is helpful and makes the game better. If the staff think otherwise, they will let us, or me, know. :) Although I can't take back what I said (though the staff can if they decide to), if you asked me in person about the prize packs, I would tell you the history and my suppositions without hesitation. Therefore I also have no problem posting about it when another player asks.

cherylo, your comments are always long and helpful!

if they still did the commenting average, I think you would get the biggest badge. and a "Helpful Comment er" badge if there ever was one. I don't think so, but imagine it's there. lots of smileys and thumbs up :) I'm glad that they stopped with the OK and AWESOME badges, because they can put ideas into spammers' brains about writing reviews with just one word....
*currently waiting impatiently for the next mystery package*

Thanks for your kind words; I'm glad I can contribute useful information. :)

Thank You! This is my first year doing the summer game, so I don't know what exactly is in the super packages.

Is there still a back log with game prize orders? I placed an order a week ago and still haven't received an email notification. I'm not in a hurry, but I just wanted to check. Thanks!

HI there - please read this blog post re: orders The issue is that the 4 library branches do not have enough space to store all of the prizes that were ordered (while waiting for people to pick them up). So this week's notices (that go out on Friday) will still be orders that were ordered when the shop opened. You will receive an email notice when your order is ready to be picked up. Thanks for your patience!

I agree! Cool idea.

the picnic blanket and the cooler are fantastic! I agree!

I love the super close out package.

What's that?

on the mystery packages page of the shop, the first item is the package with some items from last year

Mariah, Sorry I missed your reply. Here is the HIV thread with spam

I like the summer shop too. I buy things there:)

Did you get puppypants?

I didn't get one...I don't think you were asking me though...

your sister claimed to have bought stuff, so I wondered if puppypants was one of the items.

Cool stuff & waiting for my order ...

No, she didn't get one. I wanted a bear last year, but they were all sold out...

You waited too long.

No, I started playing really late last year.


So, because I'm me, I'm working myself into a moral dilemma about the game shop.

See, the stuff in there costs actual money, considerably more money than anything I do here does to add value to the library. I mean, some of my reviews are good, but not that good. I understand that the money for this comes from the Friends, but I'd still rather see the money used to buy more books, add more services, pay more staff, etc.

The buttons seem more reasonable - they can't actually be worth much of any money. But I don't have much of anything to do with buttons.

So I'm hoping that the game shop will eventually contain something spectacularly worthless.

Or maybe something like the right to choose a book for the library to add to it's collection. Though that would be a darned hard choice....

A hard choice as in there are so many books out there, but to choose one would require hours of thinking.


I understand your dilemma. Last summer I felt a little guilty when I would go to pick up my loot at my local branch. I know I would still do the online game even if there weren't prizes because I enjoy it and it's a challenge. but that's not true for everyone. My 10 year old is really into the summer game, in part for the prizes, and in part for the bragging rights when he sees his score up high on the leaderboard. This has made him read more both to himself and his little sister, he is wanting to spend time in the libraries, he is searching the catalog, and wanting to attend lots of events (in part to get the game codes) all the things that I'm sure the aadl staff was hoping for when creating this game. Unfortunately, the swag is part of the motivation for many participants. The way I see it is that because all the items in the summer game shop have the aadl logo on them, when they circulate in the community, it raises awareness about the library and it's programs. We first really learned about the game last summer when we saw a friend of my son wearing an aadl hat and asked him about it. Every time we wear out t-shirts, we're walking billboards for the library! So yes, I agree that it's a lot of money that goes for the prizes, but I actually think that the positive publicity does more to raise interest in and enthusiasim for our librarys then even a few thousand more books would. Sad perhaps, but true.


Oh, I don't doubt that the summer game is great for the library, and the swag is a great motivator for some people. But I'm kind of losing the "war against stuff" anyway, and I don't circulate so much that I make much of a good billboard. If I see something I really think I would use, I might go for it, but mostly I don't expect to cash in much.

Unless I change my mind. :-)

@Jan, you could check out the "classic button shop" too...speaking of exorbitant point costs for things with small physical footprints. Or just hold the points until and unless there is something that is useful to you. I do enjoy my swag (I used one of the new sippers this week, and am looking forward to using the cooler and blanket.), but like @zekicmom too would continue to do the summer game even if swag was seriously curtailed or made mostly virtual.

Great new choices this year. Looking forward to the secret super packages being unveiled!

@ Jan Wolter: I think they could sell coupons, like the zoom lense one in the game shop?

But only a few coupons. Imagine people buying a bunch of zoom lends coupons. Then it wouldn't really be zoom lends if the coupons become common as library cards.

I haven't really been playing much this year, but I just found out that I had about 35K points laying around from last year. Score!

that translates to 35000? I looked on Google but wanted to be sure that's what you meant....
Maybe I should be saving more points....

Yes, K = kilo = 1000. For example, a "5K" race is 5000 meters aka 5 kilometers or about 3.1 miles.

I have like 200000 points from last year...

Thanks Cherylo! You're comments have helped me a lot in the streetscapes too - especially #7 lol

I LOVE my olive/gray messenger bag. it's so, so nice!

i don't think its cute... i buy cute things and things i want on Summer Game 2013...

you told me you didn't get half of last years points...

Somebody should point it out -- the earbuds are very poor quality. They'll make all your MP3s sound like their bitrate is only 16 kbps.

And as for the text description about them, where it says "including earpieces for 3 DIFFERENT SIZES OF EAR CANAL!" -- that's a lie.

It includes 3 sets of earpieces, ALL THE SAME SIZE, so you just have to hope your ear canals are sized right.

Well you are getting these items for free, so you should be thankful.

I want to save up for cooler and messenger bag

@gxl: Yeah, that's what I said to him (he's my brother.) He didn't listen - said he was using valuable time (didn't you, ZackTheCardShark? Or have I got it wrong?)
But, ZackTheCardShark, I thought you contacted the library via the "contact us" link about it. So that means someone has already contacted them - namely, you!
BTW, were the replacement earplugs they said they'd give you just as bad?

The earbuds fit my parents better than me, though my mom complained that it was to short. I don't think there's anything wrong with three same size white things, whatever they're called. If my sister chews on one, I can replace it.

The shop is open with great new prizes! I love SG Puppypants.

Waiting for my picnic coooler..

Love the new bag. Thanks to the Friends.

love the new prizes they are amazing

love the new prizes they are amazing

love the new prizes they are amazing

i got the picnic blanket. :) it is really cool how it just rolls up. i want to get the messenger bag, picnic cooler, and beach balls :)

I hope that most of the items will be In the super prize pack....

I am loving the options in the summer game shop this year.
Thanks staff and friends of AADL

The shop has some pretty standard things. It's nice

I totally agree

I was noticing that the "AADL Super Closeout Pack" is sold out, but when you go to the "Super Packages" shop, it doesn't say that above the icon for the pack. Is there a reason for that, or is it a mistake?

Probably a mistake.