The 2013 Summer Game Shop is NOW OPEN!

Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!Shop is OPEN!: Shop is OPEN!

Are you playing the SUMMER GAME at your library? If so, the 2013 SUMMER GAME SHOP is now open for you to spend your points on great AADL stuff! If not, well, what are you waiting for? Players of ALL AGES can have fun earning points by reading, attending events, finding codes hidden in library buildings, and solving puzzles hidden in the AADL catalog, plus tagging, reviewing, and rating items ALL SUMMER LONG! GET STARTED today and see what all the fuss is about with Ann Arbor's most rewarding way to spend your summer! Any questions? Just Contact Us and we'll help you out! Find some codes, read some books, play some games, get some points and trade them in for great stuff like this, delivered to the branch of your choice! It's super fun all summer... DON'T MISS IT!


Love the new swag avaible can't wait untill my order comes in yea :)

Thanks again for another smashingly great Summer Game Shop! Some familiar things, some improved things and some super cool new things! You guys are the BEST!!

Love the new hat. Think about adding another t-shirt, k?

bag addiction fed...

*shopping spree*

Not really

These things are amazing! Thank you AADL!

Love all the bags! The backpack from last summer is great. These look just as good. Off to place an order now.

Yay! Summer shop is open! :D

happy day! love the picnic cooler and blanket - can't wait to receive them!

so happy the summer shop is now open!

OMG!!!!!! Those earbuds!!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO getting those!!! *squeee* They are so cool!!! *freaking out* I don't even know why I'm so excited… But I'm probably gonna go on a shopping spree like James.

I wonder when the first secret shop will be this summer?

Can't wait.

Cool Stuff!

Cats will love the catnip. Thanks, AADL.

Are there going to be any different items added to the Standard Items as the game progresses or is it just the Super Packages that will be added?

I bought alot! Awesome! Thanks!

They have lots of new things, and different designs!

I'm gonna try to save up my points for the SUPREME MYSTERY PACK!


I am so getting the doll. I love the doll :)

Yes!!!!!!! Time to shop!!!!!!!!


Cool things. Can't wait.

WOOOHOOO!!!!! Lets get ready to shop till we drop!!!!

Can't wait to get my blanket!

love the hat

I went shopping at 6 o'clock sharp...

Summer Game guys: I'm going out of the country tomorrow, and if i would like to order some stuff, then how long will the order be at my library? would it stay until august 29?




NEED THE BAG AND HAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Looks like some great stuff!

Looks like some great stuff!

How long does it take for the orders to be ready for pickup? I ordered some things on the first day, will it be ready by August?

@graceliu: It will probably be ready for pickup in about a week... at least, that's how it was last year, as far as I remember.

Uh… @rose twinkle?
Spam much? JK. But please stop doing that… it's kinda hard to find actual Q&A about the summer game shop that way… :(

And @graceliu
It should be around a week but as the summer progresses and awesome stuff comes in (YEAH!) it could take a bit longer cause a lot of people will be ordering stuff. ;)

Great looking prizes! How did you know that my kids need new lunch sacks to go with their awesome (and very much needed) backpacks from last year? Perfect!


@ rose twinkle: Just saying if you spam, the Summer Game program thing will think you are a robot... just like what happened to me... except for the fact that I wasn't even spamming...

I very much enjoyed the descriptions of the products in the summer games shop. Very entertaining.

But do I get "I finished this" points for reading them? "Review" points for saying I liked them?

Oops, sorry, getting a little obsessive here.

@Jan I don't know whether to be proud or apologize to you that I recruited you into the summer game. ;-) lol. Maybe both? I hope you are enjoying the obsession like I am.

The items available are even better than last year's!!!!!!!! I'm sooo getting the earbuds.

Getting addicted to the Summer Game is a thing to be proud of. :)
RIght, gxl? (*cough* The person who was teasing me for being so obsessed last year, look where you are now on the leaderboard *cough*)

the blank space?

Yup. That's gxl.

on the topic of the SGShop, have you gotten anything yet?

Nope. I'm kind of waiting for the packages to come out, or else I'll just end up buying duplicates.

I should have done that!!!!! *sigh*
If I get duplicates, at least they will be there to distract my sister or replace anything that breaks....(my headphones broke and I'm glad I had another pair)

Hoping to win a picnic blanket!

It's not win, it's buy. This isn't a prize drawing.

Bookbird: Hehe... I have learned from last year.

I'm going to get my young cousin an S.G Puppypants because we got him a S.G Bearpants last year. I'm also going to get one for myself.

I really wanted a bear. :(

You didn't get one?

no. T.T

There were so many! Were you even playing during the first half of last year?


Oh. That explains a lot.

Yeah, but I still finished pretty high thanks to my friends!

Teamwork! I wonder just how many of us are in the top 20s or 30s.....
I think I will just put into my cart what I want, and buy them only when they are running out, since it's probable that they will release the super packages before that.

I wonder what's going to be in the Super Package this year...

One of everything, I think


Just want to point out that the text for the purple earbuds says that they're 5000 points instead of 8000. It's 8000 everywhere else, and the text for the green earbuds says 8000.

Thanks for pointing that out - it's fixed now ;)

I am so excited.

I think last year was one of everything, a code, and a bonus prize. This year should be the same. Or maybe they will leave out a thing or two for us to try to get on our own.

@irenzero - LOL, my bag addiction has also been fed. :)

Loving all the cool new stuff in the shop this year. Had to get a little puppy dog for my niece. I got one of the super closeout packs too and will give her the duck in a bucket. She's only 4 months old so doesn't need a sand bucket QUITE yet, but someday soon. :) Looking forward to the picnic blanket as well - I often like to go walking in gentle rain showers but I do NOT like sitting on wet benches so that might be nice for that too with its moisture-resistant/blocking back. :)

Looking forward to seeing some of the other mystery prizes as the summer unfolds!

speaking of mystery prizes, when do they get released? I forgot what happened last year, the memory being swept away in the umbrella scramble.

am so EXCITED llllllloooooovvvvvveeeee the deluxe messenger bags:D

the puppy pants is so COOL- totally getting it asap

new Prizes are AWESOME I will like spend ALL my points with out helping it

I think I am addicted to the new cotton messenger bag

LOVE all the New prizes- way cool

when does the game end I am curious

all the new prizes are way cool

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