Cute Clay Charms

Come join us for Cute Clay Charms at Malletts Creek, Thursday, July 11, 2-4PM, to make small charms and beads from polymer clay!

We'll show you how to make a few specific designs, or you can get totally creative with your portions of clay.

This is a drop-in program for grades K-5.


My neighbor loves cute clay stuff i'll tell her to go to it.

i hope i can go to it!!!!

Am I allowed to go even if the event isn't for my age group?

Sounds so fun. Sadly, I'm not in the age group.

Midnight and Morgsush, we won't turn you away, but have chosen the supplies and designs with that audience in mind. Maybe I'll see you there!

That apple is so cute!!! Is this one of those kawaii events? I want to come!!! SQUEE!!!!

I was kinda disappointed when i saw that it was from K-5.Even if i am in the age group i know one of my sisters would have liked to go to it. i mean who doesn't like kawaii???

me too.

Well they won't really interrogate you about what your age is.

Well you actually could go to it. i don't think they'd interrogate you about "WHATS YOUR AGE???" you can email eli or something.

this is so cool. i love clay.


sssooooooooo cool. love everything cool/

sssooooooooo cool. love everything cool/

i make things out of clay like ice cream! ! !

are you talking about Cute Clay Charms that apple charm picture? i think it's cut too!

yeah! so do you like something clay charm like this? OOO----- yum! first is pink, blue, green, and a stick.


So fun to see the excitement around this program. If someone is outside of the K-5 range, we won't turn you away. What we'll show you how to make is pretty fun stuff. Tiny and cute.

I wanna go!


I would love to go; but I'm not fit in the age group

This sounds so fun! Something I would totally do. It's sad that I don't fit in the age group...

We will go for sure!

@ jangmikyoung: The staff said you could go even if you aren't from that age group.

Too bad it's during working hours :-(

This looks like fun. I wish we could make it.

Yeah, but I doubt people will mistake me for a fifth grader.
And if they did, I'm not sure if I would be flattered or insulted.

want to go

fun idea for a program!

Wish I had went! They look sooo cute!!!! Or Kawaii!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!

My 10 year old loved this. The best program we have been to yet.

As promised, here are the baking instructions for those of you who attended today:

Bake 15 minutes in a 275 degree oven.

Thanks everyone for coming!!

Thanks for the baking instructions. We missed that information. It was a wonderful program.

how cute

It was fun to attend this program. Got to learn some good creative work.

Looks so cute!