Chess Strategies & Tips with Atulya Shetty

Want to amp up your game and get some advice from a world-class chess player? Then come to the Downtown Branch's Multi-Purpose Room on Thursday, July 18 at 7pm to get some great strategies and tips for playing chess, hosted by Atulya Shetty! He started playing when he was just four, and now as an incoming senior at Huron High School, he's the 2013 US Chess Federation K-12 national champion, the 2012 Michigan Open Chess Champion and is even on the June 2013 cover of Chess Life magazine! Atulya will kick off the event with a presentation, followed by time for trying out his suggestions and your own ideas.

No matter what your skill level (even if you're just getting started right now!), this event is sure to be packed with interesting info to improve your game. Chess boards will be available for anyone who wants to play. Grade 4 - Adult. Hope to see you there!


I want to learn how to play chess

I would like to learn how to play chess, too.

WOW!!! way to go.

want to learn

I've always wanted to learn to play chess.

I know this chess player...


Am I too old to learn how to play?

Chess for beginners, too..

Please offer this one again when there is parking available! Just not up for the mile plus walk when it's this hot out...

Good start.