Build a Better Bubble!

Friday, July 5 | 2 - 3 pm | Downtown Multi-Purpose Room | K - 5

Wondering which bubble solution makes the biggest bubble? Curious about how different bubble wands will work? Then come to our program where you will get a chance to experiment with different bubble solutions and wands to figure out how to build the very best bubble.

This program is for K - 5.

You can also check out these books for more bubble fun.


The age limit :(

Seems fun

fun time with bubbles

@leehannah We recommend this program for K-5 but will welcome anyone who wishes to participate. :)

Bubbles are fun

This might be helpful to bubble lovers.

Childhood fun

That's fun

what's fun around here?

summer games

are you sure a 5th graders like bubbles

it was fun

what a great idea for a program! perfect for summer.

bubbles are great!

Messy and fun!

So interesting!