Eggcellent Engineering

cracked eggcracked egg
If you like solving problems and building things, Eggcellent Engineering is the program for you.

Using an assortment of bits and supplies, come build a contraption to protect your real raw egg from a ladder-high fall. Will your engineering skills live up to the challenge? Find out on Saturday, July 6, 2-3 PM in the Downtown Multipurpose Room.

This event is for grades 4-8.


Interesting project.

I hope to go

I am a great builder and could absolutely protect my egg...not to brag

:) If your building skills protect your egg, you'll be rewarded with a special summer game code. Good luck!

Looks like a cool project.

Sounds very fun!

great idea for a program! so much fun!

Add an adult division and I'd be there in a heartbeat. (Adults need to play and experiment too.)

We will go! Very interesting

That is really interesting!

Cool, I'd love to go!

Sounds cool

Thanks for a fun event! Lots of staff help, but a great DIY project for the older kids. Offer this one again, please!

We did this is class.

Lucky Morningstar peoples... I wish we could have done this in school.

how neat

Very interesting

We used to do this every year at our to see the different designs.