Meet Mochimochi Land Creator & Fiber Artist, Anna Hrachovec!

Sunday July 14 | 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Downtown Library: Multi-Purpose Room | Grade 6 – Adult

Spend the afternoon with Anna Hrachovec - famous Brooklyn knitter, fiber artist and creator of the amazing Mochimochi Land world of tiny knitted toys, creatures and spectacular installations.

Anna will do a fun slideshow presentation, answer questions, and talk about the amazing world of tiny knitting she has created. Anna finds inspiration in Hello Kitty, Pee-Wee's Playhouse, and illustrators like Dr Seuss and Mary Blair, and in 2007, launched Mochimochi Land as a place where knitted toys and people can live together in a spirit of tolerance. Anna's knitted toys have been featured on The Martha Stewart Show, all around the web, and in print. You can find Anna's books, kits, and downloadable knitting and cross-stitch patterns on the website .

Anna's three books will be on sale from Literati Bookstoreand she will be signing after her presentation.

Summer Game Players take note: the 1st Mochimochi Land exhibit is UP in the Downtown Youth Department case! And it includes a gamecode!

Late breaking news flash! The next Mochimochi Land installation is UP! Take a trip Downtown to Liberty between Main and 4th and stop and look at the new window display at 826MI's Robot Supply & Repair store. You will find a wonderful world of kawaii and a game code!


Sounds adorable; hope I can make it!

Sounds really fun!

I would like to go; sounds exciting!

I want to go! So cute stuff.

Sounds like fun!!!!

Will we get some more information, or at least clues, about where to look around town? I'm not finding many details, at least not yet. Thanks!


Cute. I wish I could come.

Cool!!! Want to be there.

sounds like fun!

Her presentation sounds interesting, but the knitters in my house are all younger than grade 6. Alas.

I see you mention three books of hers, but the catalog link shows the library owns two titles by her. Is the latest brand new? Will the library order it?


I'm too young though I would love to go

Cute stuff!

Hi everyone,

Re: younger attendees
If the knitters in your house younger than grade 6 want to attend the event give it a try! The reason it's geared towards teens and adults is because it's not a hands-on event, will include lots of talking, listening and questions and answers, with a focus on Anna's career and process to becoming a successful fiber artist - followed by a book signing. Interested younger people who want to learn more are invited to attend!

AADL currently owns 2 of Anna's books - the 3rd is on order. The event on Sunday, July 14 will include book sales of all 3 of her books by Literati Bookstore. She has a 4th book coming out in October.

And take note above - the FIRST mochimochi installation is in! You have to visit the Downtown Library's Youth Department to see it and collect the game code! The rest of the installations will reveal themselves soon - just pay attention to the badge drop next Friday!

There's a typo in the above link to her website.
the correct URL is

take a look!


I wish I could make stuff like that.

Good catch, betsywil, thank you! It's been fixed.

Very cute c:

Saw the exhibit. Very cute. :D

Just came across a short and charming interview with Anna H, which I thought some of you guys might enjoy.

I love the stop-motion animation at the end!

sounds fun

The exhibit was really awesome! Kawaii desu!

I plan on being there.

You might add a link from this event to the Amigurumi Glee badge, and vice versa, to achieve ever-increasing Kawaii Squee ....

(But I do see a link to the next badge: Mochimochi Kawaii )

So cute :3

sounds fun

We were so happy to see her! MochiMochi BanzaI!

I saw Mochimochi Land Creator & Fiber Artist, Anna Hrachovec the code you can know!

I went, but I missed like the whole presentation. :(

Bummed that I missed this. Love her work.

I knit a chicken from her free website patterns.