Make an iPod Cozy!

Thursday, July 11 | 6:30-8:30pm | Downtown Multi-Purpose Room | Grade 6th-Adult

Come take a stab at hand sewing and jazz up your ipod, MP3 player or phone. Using colorful felt, buttons and embroidery thread, you’ll create a one-of-a-kind cozy to keep your ipod or phone protected with a handmade case for it. All supplies are provided, and we’ll have ideas and samples to get you going. Feel free to bring your device if you want to test out your design and make sure it fits.

To keep the craft going, check out some books on hand sewing or felt fun. See you there!


This is something I would LOVE to make!

Seems very fun, and I would love to make one

Sounds so fun

Cool, attended 2 years back, it was lot of fun. Sadly, this year I cannot attend.

I really appreciate the craft/DIY workshops the library offers. So cool!

I wanna go to this!!

Ya, this would be a good thing to go to if u don't want to waste your money

ME TOO. it sounds really cool

ME TOO. it sounds really cool

I have been waiting for this event! I really need a case for my iPod...

I don't have an iPod, but I would love to make one anyways :)

Bookbird, Yes! It's a cute little pouch you can use for many things. You don't necessarily have to make it iPode sized :) Hope to see you there.

I wish I could go... T.T

I would love to make this.

AADL should make a IPad cozy... :)

Those who attend can make an iPad cozy if they desire.

These look like a lot of fun.

This would be useful if I had an iPod! But I would love to go anyway! Will they give out free iPods?

No free iPods, sadly.

wish i could go

Thank you , thank you, thank you! My kids and I really enjoyed it. :)

I so much wanted to go for this but I had to miss it as it was the same time as the beginner crochet. One of those interesting programs that clashed with another interesting program at a different branch. Will there be a repeat of this one?

I missed it! I keep on missing the events I want to go to... T.T

sorry .my no ipod

I wish I had an iPod!


We will have another block printing workshop Wednesday, December 4 at Malletts Creek!


That's so great to hear! I'm glad you and your family enjoyed it.

what a fun project!

Nice idea. I've made cases for our Nook readers and laptops.