He is Legend

The world-renowned author and screenwriter, Richard Matheson died last week. He is remembered for having written numerous episodes for the legendary TV series, the Twilight Zone, but also for his science fiction novels , many of which were made into movies, such as I am Legend (made into 3 different movies: the Last Man on Earth; the Omega Man; and, most recently, I am Legend with Will Smith); the Shrinking Man (made into the 1957 classic movie, the Incredible Shrinking Man); Bid Time Return (made into the movie filmed at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Somewhere in Time); and Steel (most recently made into the movie, Real Steel). He has a long list of screenwriting credits to his name including the classic Edgar Allan Poe movie adaptations directed by Roger Corman like the Pit and the Pendulum. For me the most memorable piece he ever wrote was an episode of the Twilight Zone called Nightmare at 20,000 Feet with William Shatner as the airplane passenger who sees a monster tearing apart the plane’s wings as they are in flight. This was also remade in Twilight Zone: the Movie. He was creative all his life, having been first published at eight years old and writing through his 80’s. He was 87 when he died.


a list of his work in the AADL catalog can be found here http://www.aadl.org/user/lists/32961

Those old twilight zone episodes are superb! This guy did a good job writing them! R.I.P, Richard Matheson!

I heard the news. He will be greatly missed in the literary world and by all.

Will be missed

I loved the book 'I am Legend'. His work will always be remembered.


Matheson was a truly great author, he will be missed :(


I loved Somewhere in Time and the Twilight Zone TV series.

Sad news


This man truly was a legend.

I wonder what he thought about the movie version of I am Legend. I thought it was pretty terrible. The book was much better.