Planned Maintenance: Requests & Account Access Down Sunday Night

To complete fiscal year-end close procedures, AADL My Account pages and placing requests will be disabled Sunday night June 30th, starting after 6 PM. We'll get the updates done as soon as possible, and service will be restored by Monday morning. Thanks for your patience, and let us know if you have any questions!


While the My Account pages are inaccessible, will summer game activities such as reporting read books, entering codes, tagging or reviewing items also be disabled or unable to record points? I ask only so I know to hold onto my reviews or other activities this evening to avoid frustration. Thanks!

Thanks, CherylO, all that will still work! the only summer game function that will be disrupted by this is scoring for checkouts. Fortunately, your unscored checkouts will be held and you'll still get points for them the next time you log
in after the my account page comes back up. Thanks for asking, and thanks for playing!


I wish you guys wouldn't shut the whole thing down for so long.
I JUST logged in to check my account and do some adjustments to my account, like I do every Sunday around 6:30pm

This stuff shouldn't be done until after midnight, running to 6am.

What a pain!

Yeah, I was just going to renew my books, but... oh well. *sighs*

This sounds like a planned maintenance so why was there so little notice ahead of time so users could plan accordingly?

Sorry for the inconvenience! This is pretty much the only planned downtime for maintenance we have all year. If you incurred any fines or were unable to place requests during the 4 hours that requests and renewals were down, just contact us and we can take care of it. Thanks for your patience!