More Comics Fun at AADL!!

Mondays, July 8-August 12 | 6-8 PM | Malletts Creek

If Kids Read Comics inspired you to try your hand at making comics, then you’re ready for the SUPER COMICS CHALLENGE! Or, if you’ve been making comics for a while but looking for a creative boost, then by all means join us.

At this weekly series, you'll design dynamic fortresses, awesome heroes, lugubrious villains, and unlock achievements of the comics-storytelling masters! Each week you'll have two fun drawing challenges to level up your comics-making powers and get special Summer Game codes.

Come every week to collect a special series of video challenges! Become the supreme master of visual storytelling! ALSO, each week there’ll be a drawing for awesome items donated by 2013 Kids Read Comics artists!


Love to read comics

Oooh... This seems like a great challenge for aspiring comic artists. :)


yah me too! i like shugo chara the best!

love comics

I didn't go...

This seems interesting because it's not just a one-time drop in thing

This specific event goes on for more than a month! :) Long event

sounds great

my daughter loves to read comics.

Fun to read.