Today: Happy Birthday, America!

Let's make decorations for America's birthday party. Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Wednesday, July 3 at 3:00 p.m. for some star-spangled fun. We'll be making red, white and blue wreaths and other festive things in celebration of this national holiday. This is for preschoolers - grade 5 but everybody is welcome. All supplies will be provided.

For materials on this holiday, click here.


I want to go there so badly!!! Happy 237th Birthday!

I so want to go!!! Happy 237th Birthday, America!!

As of this fourth of July, America will be 237 years old!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!

Happy birthday, America! :)

Mr. Washington did a great job keeping us togather. Now lets PARTY!

Happy Birthday America!

Ya, Happy Birthday America

Happy birthday America!!

Happy birthday America.

sounds fun :)

Happy Birthday, America :D

It was fun!

4th of July!

Another event that I would have liked to attend, but unfortunately the city buses don't service this branch.

hopefully they'll do this again next year at a different branch so I can attend


Kids enjoyed themselves. Definitely glad we walked in 30 min later than start time because it was crowded.