Hold on to your Pupae, Summer Game Players, it's a BADGE DROP!

ONE WEEK IN to the 2013 Summer Game and you players are OFF AND RUNNING! With 1500 players scoring in just 7 days, and earning an astounding 4.2 MILLION POINTS ALREADY and over 4400 badges awards, it's clear that SUMMER GAME 2013 has leveled up... BIG TIME! And it's Friday night... you know what that means... BADGE DROP!
Summer Game 2013 Badge Drop #2

But that's not all! KIDS READ COMICS is this weekend, and KRC Badges are still in production! Check back soon, early adopters, to see all the BIG BADGES and BIG POINTS you can earn at Ann Arbor's best Comics Con this weekend at the Downtown Library! THANKS FOR PLAYING!




I've not eaten a manatee, but did once eat a Dugong. The Australian one. It was tasty. I didn't get a badge, but my dad hit me.

Can some tell me how to get to the final code word for the Detroit Tigers badge

any hints for the last clue on the Hitchcock badge? Not sure which movie I'm using.

For some reason, I can't really open the hints of the badges.

I need help on the first manatee code. I'm searching e******* but there are lots of books about it. Can someone give me a hint that will narrow it down?

For some reason I can't open the hint for the second pink panther code and all the codes for percy except the last one.

I need help with the last muppet.I can't find the book of sketches
the second code to the tiger badge
percy badges still not fixed
can you have the badges pale and full color like last year? for those you finished and not finished?

Can someone help me with the second pink panther code, and the third percy code?

just search all those awards and pink panther

@zhengyang1022: try to find the person who wrote the theme song.

20 Grammys, 4 Academy Awards, and a Golden Globe?
H**** M******?

yep. I need help finding the last code in pink panther.

If I search H**** M****** pink panther, the code isn't there.

No just search H**** M******.

Last muppet code anyone?
can't find the book. searched muppet sketches. not working..

Could someone help me find the last code for the Detroit Tigers badge

Thanks andy! *wink*

Help with the last code of the Hitchcock Hound badge?

You're welcome James. :)
I need help finding the third manatee code!!

Me too. I thought I found it, but it wasn't there...

I am one clue away from completing both the Detroit Tigers badge and Hitchcock badge could someone please help me by giving me one more clue for both that will help me solve them.
Thanks so much

I need help on the manatee badge. I'm pretty sure I have the right relative, but the code wasn't there.

I'm pretty sure I have the right relative too (E*******), in the title of a book, but I've checked 120+ results and don't see the code. Any additional hints out there? Or should I go back over the results b/c I missed it?

I'm experiencing trouble with Percy hints, but no others. You aren't able to open any of the hints, Zhengyang1022?

Just a note: one of the codes in the Percy badge appears to be out-of-order at the moment. Working on figuring that out. Thanks for your patience, all!

I need help with the Percy code with the out of order hint...

The 2nd hint for the Pink Panther badge wouldn't pop up either. I got the clue already, so I can't go back and check it. But, others might notice it too.

It appears that two of the badges (Missing the Moon and Pappy's Miami Clipper) are not appearing on the badge page at present, FYI.

The third Percy code may be missing from its item, if my interpretation of the clue is correct. It sounds like this is a known issue and is being addressed.

First Manatee code: I'm pretty sure I have the correct species. The four items (2 books, 1 CD, 1 DVD) I find with that title do not have a code. Some other player(s) have said they are working on the third code of that badge, though, so I am confused. Any further help?

Hey cherylo! I'm on the 3rd code of Manatee. I gave up on the 1st code and looked at the hint for the second hint. I was able to get the rest of Manitee, but still can't figure out the first clue. I searched E******* in title of books, which yielded 121 results, and I couldn't find the code in any of them :-( Now, I'm thinking I'm off track.

I thought I had the third Percy clue right, but then I went to the item and it wasn't there. I think you're right, cherylo.

Cherylo, you are right that the Percy code not appearing where it *should* be is a/the known issue.

For the It's Super-Manatee! badge, I've updated the hint to say "The name of this animal (in its plural form)..." ...if that helps at all!

Try the plural version of the animal.

Please, help with the last code of the Hitchcock Hound badge?

Try searching the name of the actor along with Hitchcock in the catalog.

Thank you! That was a tough one. I assumed the search word was singular because the clue reads "this animal". If you don't want to be so explicit in the hint, consider changing the clue to "these animals"....not complaining; just trying to offer insight from the player's perspective :-) LOVE the Game!!!

@VmT Yes, I think you have a solid point there!

Holy points Batman! Over 4 million! Looks like this year is the biggest ever :)

Something is definitely up with the hints. On the Percy badge the first code is filled in instead of the hint.

If you're having trouble with the Shirley Temple badge, the imdb web site might be of more help than google.

I am working on finding the final clues for the Detroit Tigers badge and Hitchcock badge and I am having trouble finding the code words for them I am wondering if any body can help me out on where to find them because I have just about looked everywhere and I am totally stumped.
Thanks so much

@Bookbird To find the last Muppet code, try searching for a book by the creator (author) of the Muppets.

Still stuck on third Percy code... is the code missing?

For the final Tigers code, instead of searching the animal, search it's name (easily found by Googling it).

The Percy badge displayed the code, instead of giving me a hint. Now, it will not give me any more hints. Also, I found the second code in the Missing the Moon badge, but it will not give me the next clue. Please fix the glitches.

I'm having trouble finding the last badger code. Any help?

KRC badges! Yays!

I've gotten all of the codes for the Percy badge, but it won't award me the badge/points for it :(

Actually, nvm, when I made the comment that it wouldn't award me the Percy badge, it awarded me the Percy badge! Odd...

I'm so ready for this!!!

Hello Percy badge seekers!

The case of the missing code is now fixed -- the code is back in the item where it should be -- hurrah!

I'm wondering if folks are still having trouble with the hints on the Percy badge appearing, though?

They are appearing for me now, but if you are still not seeing the hints, please let me know what sort of device and browser you are using and I'll try to troubleshoot that glitch with other staff.

Thanks for your patience on Percy!

loving the game again this year. Not much time this week, so I'll need to catch up on the badges later...

i need help with the last missing the moon code. I know what the belt is called, but I need help finding it in the catalog. I search V** A****

I found the item for the first shirley temple code, but it doesn't have the game code. It is the only item I could find that relates to the code.

So disappointed we are missing Kids Read Comics (due to being out of town) - not so much because of the points opportunities but because the entire family had a really great time last year.

Haven't looked at the badge drop yet, but all these mentions of manatee has me singing that Veggie Tales silly song:
Barbara Manatee
You are the one for me
Sent from up above
You are the one I love...

Everyone sing along!

I can't seem to figure out the movie for the third Percy code can anyone help?

It is a really famous movie and you know it, the person they are talking about is not a main character though.


Vadnala: Try searching the whole, four letter name

Morgush: Thanks!
I need help on the last code in pink panther badge

Did you figure out the person yet?

Can anyone help me with the last muppet code?

So, I don't get it. You can still earn points on last years badges that you didn't get? Do the points get applied to this years total?

I don't know how they'll be counted but last year, the codes from the year before were worth a tenth of the points they were worth. That may be the same this year. :P

Thank you, Smiles. :)

I get this error code for the Shirley Temple badge, but it didn't actually give me credit (I had not already used it), so I am stuck on the first hint.

Code "M...P" already redeemed on June 15, 2013, 10:57 am

The codes from last year can still be used to purchase things at the Summer Game shop, but they don't add to your 2013 point total.

Sara, I know what you are talking about, so I contacted them about it. Hopefully the problem will be fixed soon.

Yeah, I can't find that code either. I can't even figure out the name. Help?!!

Two pages?

I just wanted to say that I am so proud of all the hard core game players who have achieved the KRC MegaFan badge. Kids Read Comics is such a wonderful event, it deserves to have SUPERFANS. In 2012, no one at all achieved the analogous Super Fan badge...though I know several people came quite close. This year, several players organized and made it a priority to support KRC and earn that badge. As of this post, nine individuals have achieved that status, and I expect several more may achieve it in the coming days as codes are entered from note sheets. You did great! :APPLAUSE:

Hello I was wondering if anyone would give me hints for KRC alley catcher badge? I have everyone but table 20 and 30.
Next year I'll go both days. Very fun and we have new stuff to read! win-win

Another possibly important thing to note: We hardcore types, and staff members too, have been doing SG (and TreasureQuest and StreetsQuest) for literally years now, so things that seem obvious to us may not be obvious to others. including new players.

I talked to an adult SG player at KRC yesterday who thought that to complete badges, codes were to be found in the actual physical items that the quest riddles and clues reference. That is, she thought that it was necessary to go to a branch that had the item on the shelf to look at it in person to find the code. If this were true, badges might seem completely impossible to complete or at least very resource-intensive, especially when they reference new items or items that have long hold lists. I assured her that the codes for badges are not found attached to the physical items (at least as far as I know!), but are listed in the catalog pages for those items, and showed her where to look. I helped her get going on the Who's Your Tiger badge, and she was off and running.

@eli, @mariah and other staff...this may be something to address in a future badge drop or other blog post. I certainly want the online summer game as inclusive as possible and want to knock down barriers to participation wherever they are found. The online SG is too much fun to keep to ourselves!

I need help finding the last code of the Hitchcock badge and I have looked everywhere for the code and I am still stuck could someone please give me one last clue to help me out. I also need help finding the second clue in the pink panther badge I know the answer but when I go search the catalogue for the answer I can't find it I don't know if I am looking the wrong way by looking for the composer himself or his name is the codeword itself I could sure use help on this one also.
thanks so much for the help

I really need help finding the second clue word in the oh my gods badge because I have looked virtually everywhere and I can't find it. I also need help on finding the third answer in the Dalmatian badge I am having trouble there to. I hope someone can help me out with both of these answers also.
Thanks so much

For the final Hitchcock code search the catalog for the film mentioned in the clue. In the discription of the movie it mentions the name you are looking for. Search that name in the catalog and you'll find the final code.
I hope this helps, I haven't quite gotten the hang of giving clues that make sense but don't give away too much.

@Lmd3557, I was stuck on the last Hitchcock code for a long time and getting frustrated, too. It turns out I was searching on the wrong pair of names...read the clue carefully (and then do some googling) to get the right names to search on. I find it always helps to go back to the clue and read it as carefully as possible with "beginner mind" (drop assumptions you made in your prior frustrated searching) when you seem to be getting nowhere after a grinding search.

I need help on the last muppet code. I can't find the book of muppet sketches.

Cherylo: that's what actually happened to me when I first started SG.
I thought the codes were in the actual books...
But then I found a code in the catalog, figured it out, and finally started to play. :)

Lmd3577: try looking for the museum where the Rosetta Stone is displayed in...
For the Dalmations badge, go to the dog's wiki page and on the upper right there should be a box that shows the dog's other names. One of them should make you think of a food.

Try searching, along with Muppet, the name of a thing that happens to store sketches. It is a compound word.

Thank you! these searches really require specifics huh?

I'm having trouble finding the 3rd Percy code...I found something about this magician Pug in a fantasy series, but I've looked through all the materials related to him and nothing's come up. Any ideas?

im so bad at getting these badges

@susanlam: The movie is very famous, and it has some magic in it. The game code is right under (below) the tags, so it will be different.

@ Zhengyang1022: And it also has a pug?? Because I've tried searching for magical pug movies without much success...

No. The character is human, ***ry ****er is the series.

Why are all your hints so obvious? Susanlam, you know the movie, however the person you are searching for is not the main character.

Well, sorry. XP