Mad Hatter Hats

Few hats are as wacky as the Mad Hatter's hat. Let's make tall, colorful, silly hats of our own.
Come to the Pittsfield Branch on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 2:00 pm and see what kind of hat
designer you can be. Ours will start out as brown grocery bags. The rest will be up to you.
This is for preschool - Grade 5 but everyone is welcome. Supplies will be provided.

Not familiar with the Mad Hatter? Try the book or the various movies.


This sounds like a lot of fun... I wish I had known about it sooner...

Correction: This event will be held on June 25.

mad-hatters' club?

Sounds fun!

Wait, really? So I can attend?
It's the same time, right? Just a different date?

sounds fun

Let's make tall hats and have a mad tea party! ignore the fact that what I just said can have different interpretations and make hats!

A few years ago (maybe 4 or so), they did a Mad Hatter Tea Party and made Mad Hatter hats and made place mats with hearts/diamonds/spades/clubs and stuff. Even though I'm an adult, I went and had so much fun. :) So if you have a chance to go make a hat, do it. :) It's fun to be silly and creative like that. :) I'm working or I might consider going. :)

I wish I could have gone, it sounded really fun

Thank you aadl staff! My 5 year old daughter spent an hour+ working on her hat and had a wonderful time. There were lots of supplies, plenty of creativity and a great turn out. Keep these events coming!


this project sounded like a lot of fun!

Sorry I missed it.

Please do this again!

Like to see it..

missed it.