Washi Tape Craft Program

Monday, June 24 | 2-3pm | Downtown Multi-Purpose Room | Grade 3 - Adult

Washi tape is a popular, decorative, Japanese paper tape used in craft projects. We have a variety of colors and patterns of washi tape, along with various colors of card stock and other patterned paper available for you to make greeting card images and other inspired crafts.

If you have never heard of washi tape, check out this Pinterest pinboard for great project ideas. You could also bring an item from home to decorate, and feel free to bring your own roll(s) of washi tape to use along with ours to create your greeting card, if you like!

PS. And if you're collecting codes for the Summer Game, be sure to stop by!


this stuff is really fun

Sounds like fun! I hope I can go. :D

This seems really interesting, but I probably won't go. :(

Why not?
You should go! :)

Washi tape projects are super cute, super easy, and super fun!

I wish I could go...

Hopefully I can go. The reason I said I probably couldn't go was because I was already I don't really go to Pittsfield.

Is washi tape like deco tape?

Um, morgsush, are you going?

I love Japanese stuff! Wish I could go. Why can't it be at Mallets Creek?

Just found out that I couldn't go because of a camp... :(

Japanese stuff is so awesome.

I know.. if it was at mallets I would totally go. So much things are at downtown, and I only go to downtown for KRC. :(

Can't you take the bus to the Downtown Library?

Gxl, you and your obsessions...

What obsession?

I actually did that on saturday, but if I did it today, then my mom would get so mad.

I know you took the bus on Saturday... (I'm such a stalker)...

This was a really neat program. I wish it had been longer (more time), actually. :)

TAPE! I love tape

too bad I missed this program! any chance it will be offered again?

could be fun to try

looks very colorful

Looks so cool!

Great idea.