Pom-Pom Launchers

With a few household items we'll make a simple toy that will allow you to launch craft pom-poms. You'll have a chance to make a few launchers of different sizes, and see if they launch the same or differently than each other.

Join us Thursday, June 27, at the Pittsfield Branch, 2-3PM, to make your own launchers, and see how far your pom-poms fly!

This event is for grades K-5.


pompoms... as in the type cheerleaders hold?

I think they mean the tiny ones...

Like the little fuzzy things?

Good question. They're not the kind that cheerleaders hold. They're the little fuzzy balls that are sometimes used in craft projects. They're light and good for launching!

Pom-poms are so fun to make...actually I've never tried making one, but they look fun. They are making the pom-poms too, right?

They're not making the pom-poms in this event. They'll be making (and decorating) a few launchers. We'll provide craft pom-poms of a variety of sizes to experiment with.

... it says you can make them in the event description... T.T

How are these different than cheerleader tools?

I think the description is a little clearer now :). They will make launchers of different sizes and test them out with the pre-made pop-poms that are provided at the program.

Oh... I wish they got to make the pom-poms too. T.T

Does that mean we're launching pom-poms or decorating with pom-poms? And are we making our own pom-poms or are they premade?

That was fun! My kids had fun. Thank you.

Whatever kind, I wish I could go...

Seems interesting

I wish I could've gone

wish I could go, too

this project looks like a lot of fun. so cool it can be made with just a few everyday items!

must have been fun