Michigan Wildlife Exhibits From The Leslie Science And Nature Center

This summer we welcome back three live animal exhibits from the Leslie Science and Nature Center.

Visit the Malletts Creek Branch to see an eastern newt in an aquatic enclosure along with some little pond bug friends (at least until he eats them all). Drop in to the Pittsfield Branch to visit a grey tree frog who may even sing to you if you’re lucky. And be sure to stop by the Traverwood Branch for a lifecycle exhibit of the cecropia moth, currently housing last year’s cocoons, that will hatch into North America’s largest native moth over the next 3-5 days. The moths only live for about one week, and we release them after a few days, so you’ll need to hurry if you want to see them before they’re gone. The moths reproduce by laying eggs that hatch into caterpillars, who will spend the summer growing through several impressive phases before building cocoons for the winter. You’ll get to witness multiple caterpillar instars simultaneously at any given time in the enclosure, try to identify them all!

Be sure to watch for this Friday's badge drop at play.aadl.org for a chance to earn Summer Game badges and points for visiting the critters, and read on for some sneak preview video!

If you’d like a sneak preview of the newt exhibit, check out this shaky underwater amateur video footage of the Malletts Creek newt in action, filmed with a videoscope that you’ll be able to check out and take home from the library in just a couple of weeks.


Woah! i'm going!

I am actually at mallets, and the newt is so cool!

Lucky you... What's it doing now?

Sounds awesome! I'll have to check them out.

Didn't they do the moth last year? That was soooo cool!!!! I am totally going this year!

Don't they do the moths every year?

I think so. They did it at 2011 and 2012, so..

Yay the critters are back!
Time travel again! This was posted at 12:31, but some comments were there at 11:30! Weird...

Sounds like a fun activity and I actually have time to go! Plus I could always use more codes.

So could I. The Game

For the Traverwood exhibit, are there going to be different codes at each stage of its life like last year, or only one?

Two options: wait and see, or ask the staff...

Well, if there are codes at each stage then I better hurry...

Surely they would leave a week or so for us to see the codes.....

But the post said that they grow up fast and would only be there for a short while...

Yeah. I'm pretty sure it's one code per stage. But the time depends on the stage… I think.

I thought that they were each in different stages....

Hopefully the stages are long?

Or else I wouldn't be able to get all the codes....
I have a slight chance of visiting Traverwood once a week.

We're not doing a code for each stage of the caterpillars this year. Its a little complicated to make that work and we will likely have multiple stages in the tank at the same time. But, you may get a special bonus if you visit all 3 exhibits. The "hurry you only have a few days" mostly pertains to the moths who, alas, die young, but they haven't hatched yet, we'll do a post as soon as they do.

Good. That makes things less complicated...

No. Not good! Then we won't have as many points!

you're in the top 20 already...

Thank you for clearing things up and making everything a bit easier.

except for smiles,apparently

Smiles, just get points somewhere else. It is only a couple hundred.

Hah, I already lost the game.

I lost the game too.

No you didn't. How do you even lose the summer reading game???

We're not talking about that game. And you lost the game, too.

THE GAME. as in if you think about it you lose the game

Oh. Darn it! I lost the game! But honestly, the game goes on forever.

it's still fun

Yeah. And you kinda have unlimited chances.

a friend of mine once put up a bannar saying THE GAME, with a sharpie next to it. people who lost made a tally somewhere. once she saw 20 people lining up to tally the sign.

Haha. That's actually a pretty good idea...

Lol. I would be one of the 20 if I went to your school. :P



did livia make the banner?


*Trying to imagine Livia doing such a thing and failing to even imagine the scene.
I don't think Livia would do something like that...

of course Livia won't do that. I believe she mentioned that she knew a Jessica when I told her about you Morgsush.

Yeah. We know her from AG. Tell Livia to play summer game!

Yeah. I know her from AG.

Does Livia play Summer Game?

Yup, of course I do. How could I resist?

Oh! You're Livia! That explains a lot, actually...
Well, hello Livia! :)

Wow… you're Livia?!?!? Wow. Big shock. 0_0. Wow. I did not expect that…

Why not?

It just didn't seem like you, I guess? I don't know, I just didn't expect you to play, for some reason...

I don't know. I just, didn't. Ohh. I know. Genius. Livia you know who I am, right?

I haven't really payed attention. I think you are Anly though.

Yep, she is.

Good, that would have been embarrassing if I got it wrong.

Yes!!! And do you know my last name? Don't write it here but if you don't, it's the same as Grace's. Note: DO NOT WRITE MY LAT NAME HERE. I DON'T WANT STALKERS.

My lat name?

Don't worry. However, Anly is an uncommon name so that could also be a problem.
Actually, now that I think about it Livia is an uncommon name as well.

Whatevs, morgsush. But Livia, do you know it? Don't write it here.

Yes I do know it, at least I think I do.

so none of you knew that livia had a cat?

Ok. So try to email me. Kay. I deleted my email formula!

I hope I got it right, otherwise I may have emailed a random person. Also like Bookbird mentioned, Taffy is my cat.

A super-cute cat! or should I say: Taffy is kawaii !

Did you do it? Ok. Quiz: how long is my last name?

Yes, however she is incredible timid and runs away from just about anything.

I find that so sad *sniff*

Nvm!! Got livia's email!!! Dodoododoo. So happy. :D

Yes and it only took two tries. The first time I forgot the period.

Yeah! Electronic high five! Now we have full access to our little KRC team!

poor random person

Electronic high five? I don't think thats possible.

Actually there was no random person, I just got a message saying, "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently".

I saw this at Malletts-Creek Branch

Smiles, can you give me her email?

How wonderful! I can't wait to visit the branches and meet this year's critters :)

Sure! Whose?

My mom just found a caterpillar today and decided to take it home for her own personal cocoon exhibit to see what kind of butterfly it will be :)

Commander Taffy's.
And, if anyone knows Bookbird's.

You know that this came out today, and there are 81 comments already.
I would, but then livia would smack me with her binder-paper thingy...

I bet there's going to be a badge for this later on, like there was last year in Summer Game 2013. XD

I think there IS going to be a badge for this...

Doesn't it say in the post?

There probably is a badge for this.

I hope so...

Smiles certainly wants more points...

Yeah... Lots of hardcore players this year...
And JZ passed Andy. :D

Hardcore includes you, morgsush. And when I step up my game, aka write review for the hundreds of books I've checked out, I'll be first. I just need some motivation first. And snacks. And other food… and I need to stop sleeping on the couch… I'll probably do it tomorrow, or Sunday, or Monday…

I find it soooooo hard to write reviews....... I need to see my ranking drop to below 20s before seriously starting to write...

I don't usually write reviews but I try, when I do, to actually write a quality review. I always see those one word reviews, and it's annoying. Reviews, for me, are not something to just randomly do for points. You actually need to put a lot of thought into them and actually know the book, unlike adding to the list or tagging.

Hah! XP