Amazon Bestsellers for Teens

Veronica Roth currently has all three titles from her Divergent series on Amazon's list of bestselling teen books. The first book, Divergent, is at #4 for Kindle and #14 in paperback. Insurgent for Kindle is #7. The third book in this hot series, Allegiant, is #18. Another book on the list that caught my eye is Looking for Alaska by superstar author John Green, currently #25 in paperback and #32 for Kindle. This book is on my summer reading list because I loved Green's The Fault in Our Stars. If you'd like to browse Amazon's full list of teen bestsellers, it's right here.


Thank you for the great list of books!

This seems like a good book. I heard that this series is very interesting.

OMG!!!!! Insurgent is such of an amazing book! And divergent too! But I'm so sad 'cause the third book comes out much later… like late 2013 or 2014. I dunno.

The first two books were really good. I can't wait to read the last book!

So only Smiles have read the books?

Actually I tried to read Divergent, but I just didn't like it and dropped it. However, I have read The Fault in Our Stars and Looking For Alaska. John Green is one of my favorite authors.

Wow - Allegiant isn't being released until 10/22, and it's that high on the (pre-release!) sales list! I hope it's better than Insurgent - I was disappointed by that, although I enjoyed Divergent.

I hadn't realized the third book was out yet - the first two were great!

Looking forward to the third book being released. Divergent was fantastic, but I had a harder time getting into Insurgent. I think I need to read both again.

Divergent and Insurgent were great books. I have not read Looking for Alaska, but The Fault in Our Stars was excellent.

The third isn't out yet - it's currently available for pre-order.

So I should read The Fault in our Stars?

Yes! And every other John Green book; he is an amazing author.

About how many are there?

Looking for Alaska
Paper Towns
An Abundance of Katherines
A collaboration book with David Levithan called Will Grayson Will Grayson
He has also done some short story works.

Just how long did it take for you to read them?

Uh... I don't really remember... I kind of read them at different times, so I don't really know...

Well, my reading time is being limited this summer by extra math so.....

"The Fault in Our Stars" was amazing - one of the best books, adult or teen, that I read last year. But be sure to have lots of kleenex on hand when you finish it.

Sad ending but great book?

Yeah. I cried… ;(. But it was really good. Definitely read it.

Crying and laughing seem to go hand in hand in that book.

I don't like sad books.

But sometimes really good books just happen to have a sad part in them!

Have you read A Corner of the Universe?

No, is it sad?

Yes. And it was a Tappan Top Ten for some reason....
I had it for lunchtime bookclub, read part of it, felt something tragic was going to happen, demanded that we read something else, then it ended up as a T4

What's a T4?

Huh? T4? Is that a book word?

Who knows... Maybe it is some weird Tappan code word?

T4= Tappan Top Ten Title
4 t

Ooooohhhhh. I get it!!!! That's smart.

Happens every year. Every year my name was drawn from the prize drawing. Usually multiple times....

Lucky!!!!! I almost never get picked for those picking things… :(

Well I read more than nearly everyone at Tappan. notice the Nearly, Commander Taffy. and james

I wish our school had one of those...

We do. Except we have to buy a book from the book fair to enter the drawing…

No. It's that the library picks books, you check them out one at a time, answer a question, and get entered in the drawing

Lucky. WE have to buy books. If you get entered for checking out books, we all know JB would win.


That's so much better!

Jenny. I don't know if you know her. She's violent.

Why would she win?

The problem with the Tappan Top Ten Titles is that our librarian never seems to pick out good books. It is incredible frustrating, especially since I give her lots of suggestions.

maybe it's the reading level....

She checks out a ton of books. Or at least she used to.

She does..?

*sigh* I with I could check out lots of books....


I'm slightly nervous here, mom's downstairs thinking I'm sleeping

Don't be such of a Spelling Nazi. :P


Really? Lol. You take naps? Well, good luck in not being found out. My mom is cool with me playing. She just doesn't want me on it 24/7 but she helps me find codes and stuff every once in a while.

any other ways of putting up a stick-out-tongue face?
smiles, you're lucky

Sneaking around, I see, Bookbird. :)

my parent's don't really approve of summer game

Literally the only way I get to play is at Mallets, so...

at least you get to go to mallets...

Yeah, I need your email. We can do code exchanges. :D

I wish my mom would help me with Summer Game...

Oh, yeah. Does anyone have James' email?

I have Livia's and James'. and this other player who's username i can't spell.

But I don't even know yours I can't get their emails from you.

Well, that kinda sucks. I don't have your email and I don't think Eli will approve of us posting email addresses… eh. Well figure it out at KRC.

Unless Gxl somehow has James' email so then I could email James to find out yours...

Gxl said James' email doesn't work or something so she probably has the wrong email address.


how many of you know Livia's email?

I don't. But if Livia can email me, I'll know it.

actually, the email she knows isn't the email I use for aadl stuff. But I'll update her.

pretty obvious

I already have it. Check your email. Do you have downtown codes?

Yes, livia emailed them to me.

Oh. Darn. What other codes do you have?

Actually I think I might have missed a few codes since my mom was anxious to leave. Apparently there were three codes in the Teen section, but I only found two. How in the world did I miss a code inside that small room?

There was what, twelve? in total. Including the branch code. Right, morgsush?

And James, putting your email in a public space like that probably isn't smart.

Yeah. Thank you, JC, for your wonderful words of wisdom. Surprisingly, I could still edit my comment way up there so I deleted my email formula.

And… :D

James, I dunno if you can still edit it though… so. That wasn't very smart.

Good luck now...

So? No one will try to guess my password. How else would you get my email, and for some weird reason, I can never edit my comments...

Really? That sucks. I can edit like the last three comments I made.

See? :D

Neither can I, after someone else comments. Unless I had a double comment. Then I could edit those...
Something strange is going on with your computer or account, Smiles....

Smiles, really? I can only edit the last comment I made.

Yeah. I can edit the last three. Here, I'll prove it… I'll put a smile on the three comments I can edit (which includes this one).


Yeah, I really can't edit any of my comments.



Hey! I was just going to comment that after I realized I pushed it over to two pages. *sticks tongue out at James*

Oh, and Smiles, that technically wasn't your last three. It was like your fourth to last, then your second to last, then your last comment.