Did You Know Reading is a Physical Skill?

Paul SikorskiPaul SikorskiParents interested in learning about Interactive Metronome with Paul Sikorski from Michigan Peak Performance are invited to bring their Kindergarteners and older children for a program of learning and fun on Tuesday, June 25th at 11 am at the Downtown Library. Paul will discuss his concentration improving technique with the grown-ups while Steve Osburn of Oz Music fame will play rhythm games with the children in the same room. Get ready for a happy, noisy and stimulating experience!


Who Knew? I would have thought it was Mental.

If reading was actually a physical activity I would have a ridiculous amount of muscle...

Wow. So all those years of reading I was actually working out!!! I wonder if this is a new excuse for my 60 minutes of play each day...

This sounds like a fascinating program! What a gem you are, AADL!

I had no idea! That is amazing

My mom hates it when I read. Maybe because my eyesight is so bad...

exactly! me too.

Wow, very interesting