Jump Roping Blast

The summer solstice is this Friday, June 21st. A great way to celebrate the beginning of summer is to join
us at the Malletts Creek branch for some jump roping from 7-8pm.

Bring your ropes and rhymes for a jumpin' good time! We've got Chinese, Double-Dutch and standard jump ropes to share.
Special guests, the St. Francis Heartbeats, will demo their skills. If it rains, we'll jump inside!

You can also sign up for summer reading, if you haven't already!


I haven't jump roped in the longest time! I was never able to figure out double dutch, I hope they are teaching that here.



I hope I can go! I went the last few times and I really want to go again!!!!!

This sounds fun.

I'm thinking about bringing my little sister though she can't really jump.....

love jump-ropng

This sounds fun!

Great idea!!

Cool event! I hope I can go...

I love jump roping!

We used to love doing Chinese jump ropes when I was a kid. It'd be really fun to relearn!

I remember doing those when I was little too... :)

I have noticed that almost all summer activities for kids are at 2 pm or 7 pm, as was the case last year. This is a huge disappointment for children who have younger siblings who must take a nap. Well, at least those of us who lack a nanny or au pair to mind the baby. ;) Please consider expanding times, and having more morning activities next year.

Thank you for your suggestion. For this program, we tried to time it later in the day to avoid the heat and to fit our guests schedule.
We do appreciate your input, thanks.

I'd love to learn how to Double Dutch.

I'd love to learn how to Double Dutch.