School is out! The weather is gorgeous! Summer Festival begins tonight! And on top, over, around and through all of it is your favorite thing to do ALL SUMMER LONG.... AADL'S SUMMER GAME at PLAY.AADL.ORG!

Get Started, Read Books, Watch Movies, Listen to Music, Go to Events, Find Codes, Solve Puzzles, Experience new things and get SUMMER GAME POINTS all along the way! And it's not just Online... you can also play the CLASSIC PAPER GAMES for Kids, Teens, or Adults, and win free new books, courtesy of the Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library and the Scott and Marcy Westerman Fund, plus Temporary Tattoo sheets, mini gardening sets, coupons for free Cookies, Burritos, Bowling or AADL Zoom Lends... AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING!

On July 5th, the 2013 SUMMER GAME SHOP will open, filled with amazing new SUPER USEFUL products, including Picnic Blankets, Coolers, THE NICEST MESSENGER BAG WE'VE EVER OFFERED, and many more surprises throughout the summer! Earn points, climb the leaderboard, get stuff and have fun all summer AT YOUR LIBRARY!

The biggest new feature this year is RECRUITMENT BONUSES! On your Player Page, you can generate a Recruitment code you can give to friends and family who aren't summer game players! If a new player with a library card attached enters your code, YOU get a 500 point bonus, and THEY DO TOO! That's a big step up and it will surely be interesting to see as the summer goes on which players recruit the biggest networks! Just remember, to get the bonus, your recruit has to be a NEW PLAYER with an AADL LIBRARY CARD on their account!

We've also tweaked some other points values and will be rolling out changes during the day today. So hardcore players, stay tuned! And new players, dive in and just post a comment here for the expert players if you have any questions!



can't wait for the badge drop!

Summer has officially begun!

FYI, Summer Game staff...currently the "Leaderboard" link defaults to Summer 2012 game leaderboard. It's probably on your list, but just in case it got overlooked: update that link URL. :)

Fixed, thanks cherylo!

Yeah, I am so excited. I love the Summer Reading Program and have been talking it up for a week.

@eli, since I'm an obsessive checker, I also noticed that the "badges" hyperlink on the "Earn Points" page goes to the Summer Game 2012 badge list instead of the 2013, currently empty, badge list page.

EDIT: I take it back; it goes to a list of all the badges ever. I still wonder if that might be confusing for new players, though.

when does the badge drop happen?

I have found three SRG2013 badges. Not telling where.

All I see are my badges from the past years. Where are the new ones?

@smv: can you please tell where the new badges are?

@smv: can you please tell where the new badges are?

never mind, i found four SG2013 badges

I'm so excited!

if you go to 'my players' and 'summergame2013 scorecard', there should be a link that says something like 'show all sg2013 badges.' there are about 6-7 badges there!

The 2013 "classic" badge images are broken.

ya, i noticed that as well

The star and review badges are showing up now....
(Is there going to be a badge drop today, at 6:00?)

how do I register my paper code number?

You go to edit player info*, and there will be a space for you to put your 'code' in.
*Sorry for the mistake

FYI All of the Catalog Puzzle Game Codes for 2011 and 2012 Badges should now be active again, so you can earn those 2011 and 2012 badges you missed (albeit at 10% of the original point values).

You can add your paper Game Card ID by clicking the "Edit Player Info" link on the top of your Player page. I'll see if I can add a link to make that a little more obvious.


"summergame 2013 scorecard' is not on my player page. Maybe it'll be there after this post :-)

It worked.

Badges images should now be fixed! And yes, there will be an evening badge drop tonight at 6pm, too!

Wait. I checked out a book, and I turned my checkout history on, but I never got the checkout badge. Am I doing anything wrong?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. If you don't see your "SummerGame2013" Scorecard, it might appear once you've earned 2013 points. That's what did it for me. Then you can scroll down to select "See All SummerGame2013 Badges". Good luck to all, and most importantly...have fun!

Thanks, in advance, to the AADL staff and organization for providing a GREAT summer game, that many AA families look forward to!!!

The checkout history function is very picky about not recording anything you don't want recorded. That means you have to turn it on first, then all checkouts from after that time will be recorded. It won't pick up currently checked out items, only the new ones.


I was trying to do the "Badge-r" badge and i'm pretty sure the answer to the first clue was wisconsin. I tried typing that into the game code area, and it didn't work?

i found a game code for the previous clue, but it said "You are not authorized to access this page."

look it up in the catalog, for the badger thing

thanks! i got it...though I am stuck on the third code about the regal badger in epic fantasy novel with 22 books...any help?

YES! It's finally here! :D

Can someone help me with the last code of the Rick Riordan badge? I've searched for the planet, and found a code in an item, but it turned out that it was an old code. Then I saw an item that actually had the correct adjective they were looking for, but it didn't have a code.

Edit: Nevermind, turns out I just had to look in a list about the planet.

i need help with that code

Summer Games finally begun!! Haven't gone to see the badges yet...

Vadnala: Which code? The one about the 22 books or the one about the planet?

Hooray!!! Now its really summer... no matter that the calendar wants to tell me to wait another week!

I need help finding a code. on the A Beep Heard 'Round the World badge, I'm typing in sputnik mania in the catalog, and a dvd shows up but I can't find the game code!!!

What do you do if it says, "You are not authorized to access this page?"

yah, whenever I click on a game code it says, "You are not authorized to access this page" so I just copied and pasted it. I hope they fix that soon!

Yup, the not authorized bug is fixed. And whoops, there was a missing code that's fixed now. Thanks again players!


The Oh My Gods! badge is now up on the main badge page too. Good eye -- don't know how that one snuck away!

Thanks eli!!

@ Morgush: both!


For the 22 books one, just google some of the key words in the clue. I think the series will pop up. If not, use the hint.

For the planet one, there's actually a list that contains books about this planet. Go to the list, and try seeing if it's there.

Ok, I'm pretty stuck on the last clue of the Dalmatian badge, even with the hint... any further suggestions?

As far as the "classic paper game" goes - the Adult form is pretty self-explanatory, but is there some kind of instruction set for the Teen form?

@ crwilley: I think you just fill the tiny box with ten items you've read, watched, or listened to...

Echtemk: Try googling some of the key words, like the profession and the name of the dog. And the first name of the dectective is actually hidden in the clue; it just isn't capitalized.

@eli I am not able to find the second code of "Dalmatians 101" - I search up "firehouse dogs" in the catalog but can't find anything.

that's not it. the fire part is right, not the rest

Thanks Morgsush!!

You're welcome. :)
If anyone needs help with any of the other badges, feel free to ask.

Try looking for the dog's other names on its Wikipedia page. One of the nicknames should remind you of a certain food, which you could search in the catalog.

I'm having trouble with the last code for the badger badge. I tried googling animated badgers, badger anime, etc. I found a badger character which fits the description but nothing shows up in the aadl catalog when I search for it. Any tips? Thanks!

The game codes don't give that many points this year :(.

Nevermind on the badger badge, I found it. I was searching too specifically in the aadl catalog.

Hopefully that means that the Summer Shop items will be cheaper as well?

Hopefully that means that the Summer Shop items will be cheaper as well?

hopefully. you were impatient weren't you Morgsush?

Badges and catalog codes give less points this year because there will be more of them! Plus event codes are still 200-500 points, and checkouts are now worth 50 points apiece instead of 10. So if you want to make up that difference check some stuff out, come to some events, or report time spent reading, watching, or listening!

Are catalog codes like the ones in the hunger games books?


I've been looking forward to this all YEAR!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH! Let the games begin!

Look like we have new people commenting... Welcome!


We love this program and have participated every year since moving to AA in 2010.

I'm so excited yay

what are catalog codes

Catalog codes are the codes you find on various items in the catalog. It's basically where you get the codes for badges.

me 2!!

soon, hopefully?

i wonder when they'll show the new summer game shop stuff.....excited


the badges are only a little bit of points!!

do you know any codes

who are you?? lol, just kidding. And yeah. only one.

what is it

sorry. cant tell ya. but no worries. its only 10 pts.

any hints

Are you two related? Cause your usernames are almost the same...

You probably shouldn't give or ask for codes...

I believe some teams gave out codes, but I don't think people are allowed to just post codes. It's cheating, lazy,unfair. Undeserved. It's like the Sixers in Ready Player One

Well sometimes I get event and library codes from my friends...

Yes, but you don't put it up online, where everyone can see it...

That's true!

You aren't going to get any from us this year! :P

Whatever, there is someone else that will help me! :)

What is points-o-matic?
Where is the summer game store?
What is a summer game code?

Points o matic is a separate game from Summr Game that you can also earn points and badges for. There are three different modes.

The Summer Game store has not opened yet this year, but when it does you can find it by clicking on the second to last red tab (above Contact Us) on the very left.

A Summer Game code is a code that you can enter on yr player page to earn points, which you can uste to buy stuff once the Summ Game shop opens

How do you get a game code?

You read the clues from the badges, look up some info. and then find the item in the catalog. The game code should be right above the tags. Hopefully this helps!