Happy Summer! It's time for the 8th Annual LEGO Contest!

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 8, 2013! Preschoolers, Kids, Teens & Adults are all invited to enter this year's LEGO contest. The top winners receive custom made LEGO Trophies, medals and Target GIft Cards. Like in 2012 the contest will be at the Kensington Court Hotel (@ Briarwood Mall). Everyone is invited to come and view the entries between 6:00-8:00PM. For all the details and full guidelines for participants see the 2013 LEGO Contest Guidelines. If you're planning to enter and have your eyes on the prize here's a tip: look closely at the photos of projects that have won in past years - what did they do that caught the judge's eye? Good luck!


Way to go.

who's entering?

One of my classmates wins occasionally at this contest...

like how often?

Every other year...
(okay, often)


Is it really hard to win?

It looks hard.

Your friend is really amazing!

Legos....I wonder why they're so popular...

They are really fun!

If you like building and have a good imagination.

I think all Summer Gamers have a good imagination.

My younger cousin would love to see these... too bad he lives so far away from Ann Arbor!

In fifth grade, he helped make an engine.

Amazing kid!

Hi everyone! I'm so glad you're excited about the LEGO contest! If you're curious about how the winners win take a look at the guidelines and then look at all of the winners from past years (linked above) and you'll get an idea for what the judge's are looking for!

Lego compatible plastic brick.....

Awesome!! Really cool!!!

Every year I think about entering the competition and every year I run out of time, or I forget.

you do have a chance of winning, big brain.

Livia making a lego thing... Woah. What would it be?

Well, I have thought about making a sailboat before because I like to sail. However, what I would really like to make (though it probably would not be allowed) would be some kind of Mindstorms robot. Maybe a Dalek that would say "Exterminate" whenever it saw movement.

lego yeah

Yeah!!! GO LEGOS!! JK. I got sick of Legos cause one of my friends only wanted to play Legos when I went over to his houseā€¦ I think Parzival is obsessed with Dr. Who.

I love this contest! Such great entries are submitted each year and I love seeing what folks come up with! LEGO FOREVER.

Logo house...

Nice, Good Luck!!!! Everyone

sounds like a good chance to be creative

thank you for commenting on topic

My friend loved legos... T.T

target gift cards are a great prize

I loved looking at the past years winners - amazing pieces!

its a nice program

my kids will love this..

I just finished reading through the home page for contests. Is the lego contest the only one open to preschoolers?

Woo Hoo!