AADL Presents Kids Rock Series @ TOP: The Candy Band

Sunday June 23, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Top of the Park

Kids Rock@Top Concerts continue! The Candy Band is a punk rock band founded by four Detroit area moms who were tired of what they deemed wimpy music for kids. They took a stand, and in 2003 formed The Candy Band, playing punk covers of nursery rhymes, movie themes and other children's favorites, along with original tunes.

Presented by AADL and the Summer Festival


This time I really hope to go.

Hey, I think I'm going too. Maybe we could work together?

If I see you we can exchange codes, and me and a friend will be doing ingalls quest, so you can help.

Hey gxl, when you go can you give me the concert code? I'll give you the code of the concert I went to! :D

Wish I could go...

I going today!

Lucky. I had to go home, after KRC.

I want to go!!

I went home after KRC and then I went.

sounds great