Summer Classics Film Series @ The Michigan Theater

Summer is the time to relax at the Michigan Theater with the cool A/C and some cool movies after a long day of enjoying the sun.

Sundays and Tuesdays all summer long there will be a variety of films playing at the Michigan Theater as part of their Summer Classics Film Series, which kicks off June 16.

Enjoy big screen viewings of Blazing Saddles, Vertigo, A Night at the Opera, Dirty Dancing, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Planet of the Apes, Rocky, Sing-A-Long The Sound of Music, The Kiss, Lawrence of Arabia, Run Lola Run, and Casablanca.

For the night owls there’s another film series also playing at the Michigan this summer. The Summer Classics After Dark Series happens Thursday nights at 10pm and will feature films such as Django, Eraserhead, Taxi Driver, Willow, Sing-A-Long Trapped in the Closet, and Psycho. Be sure to check the full schedule for times and be ready for popcorn and movies. Or there's always the AADL copy to get you by.


love music

Music rocks!

Marx Brothers on the big screen... I dig that they keep bringing their films back year after year...

That is awesome! Gonna get some classics this summer! :D

I can highly recommend "Blazing Saddles" as a blazing attack on racism and a spoof on old Westerns. Mel Brooks (most famous for "Space Balls" and "The Producers") takes all kinds of liberties with film traditions, including having the main character speak directly to the audience and the two main characters leaving the movie to themselves go watch the movie in a theater, and the villain declaring that this speech is so good it will win him an Oscar.

I am a tall man is my favorite one!!!

I really wanted to attend the Sound of Music sing-a-long. It sounded like so much fun!

the michigan theater rocks