Summer Game 2013 Starts June 14th! ARE YOU READY?

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! Summer is almost here, and SUMMER GAME 2013 is just around the corner! Get ready for new badges, new items, new challenges, and NEW WAYS TO EARN POINTS to keep you moving ALL SUMMER LONG! It is the triumphant return of Ann Arbor's hottest bucket of chuckles, the AADL SUMMER GAME!

You can pick up your CLASSIC paper reading log starting Friday, June 14th at any AADL location, or print one yourself, or just play online! Complete the paper game for 1000 points and the Super Summer Reader Badge, then keep playing online, earning badges, finding codes, attending events, and using your library for MORE POINTS! Then, starting July 5th, you can spend those points in the ALMOST ENTIRELY NEW AADL SUMMER GAME SHOP, filled with amazing new items you can order and pick up at your favorite library branch.

Plus, don't miss the SUMMER GAME KICKOFF CONCERT on Sunday June 16th at Top of the Park, featuring Chicago kid-friendly rockers ICE CREAM VENDORS! Come see us at the AADL tent for a special game code, and come back the next two sundays for even more, featuring crazy activities like LIFE-SIZE CANDYLAND, JOHANN SEBASTIAN JOUST, and more, including AADL's presentation of tower-sized one-of-a-kind experience SUPERHERO at TOP June 28-30!

Then, the points JUST KEEP ON COMING with AADL events, codes, points, and challenges hidden ALL OVER TOWN and new badges dropping EVERY FRIDAY! It all starts FRIDAY JUNE 14th and wraps up on FRIDAY AUGUST 30th! Stay tuned right here to PLAY.AADL.ORG to get all the latest Summer Game news and have fun at your library ALL SUMMER LONG!



-:happy dance:-

:) Yay! it's nearly here!:)


YAY!!! It's almost here!
I've been bugging all of my friends to play. :)

I just realized..... What's with the dog picture?
Is it the theme for this summer? A random picture? Something related to the TOP event?


So excited!!!

I'm going into KRC with a plan this year!

Ok, streets quest done. I'm ready now. Can't wait to see if badge drops will be morning or evening events this year on Fridays!

So excited! Glad to see familar names on comments - we will have FUN this year!! :-)

echternk, we always try to get the badge drops up by 6 PM on Fridays! I can tell you that Summer Game will activate around midnight tonight, and there will be a kickoff post in the morning, but the first badge drop will be more of an evening excitement. However, for you hardcore players, I will reveal that the secret shop will not be returning this summer. We're working on some ways you can use unspent secret shop tokens, but the shop will be much more streamlined, straightforward, and LOADED WITH NEW STUFF this summer; no more stressing out near your computer at 6 PM fridays to not miss out on something special!

Stay tuned players! THE GAME IS NIGH

Glad to hear we will have less stressing out about being FIRST! at the secret shop.

So, @eli, say I have some badge/quest proposals...should I send such a thing to you via email, or to someone else and/or by a different method...?

Hiya CherylO! There's actually an email address for badge ideas and submissions, but let me stress *NOT* badge questions, hints or clues! =) Comment threads remain the best place to get help with badges. But if you would like to make your own badges, you can email us at with your ideas! Thanks!

When do we need to have finished the Street Quest to get the full amount in secret shop tokens?

Thanks, @eli

Time travel. Again. 'Submitted by eli on Fri, 06/14/13 - 7:25pm'. It's 8:10 AM on Friday the fourteenth.

when are the new badges coming out and where can you find the teen classic summer reading game?

@vadnala- I just printed out a teen card from the 'Get Started' page. Even though the text is for the 2012 game, the links take you to the 2013 cards. As for badges, I think they might(stress might) be coming out in the afternoon, after school ends. The early players(all 11 of us) are sort of getting a false start.

@vadnala, @eli says a few replies back that badge drops will be an evening event each week.

in the leaderboard, there is a game called townie trivia. what is townie trivia?

Where do you go on the game to get to TownieTrivia?

I suspect Townie Trivia refers to the event that was held yesterday of that name. I wanted to go to that. :(

Townie Trivia will happen again at the Downtown Library on July 25, so stay tuned for that!

Townie Trivia? Some sort of test?


It's a quiz event about searching and local history. We'll post about it when we get closer; it's still almost 6 weeks away! So stay tuned.


Even though I will miss the Secret Shop, thank you for relieving the stress I get when trying to be the first to the Secret Shop. Those were hardcore times...

Nice to hear that there is now an email specifically for badges. Hopefully I can make some this summer. :)

I am going to make one on CLAMP manga, cuz I love their work! Maybe some other on misch. manga like Kuroshitsuji or Inuyasha

@ Bookbird: Are you a manga lover?

CLAMP? I love CLAMP! You should do a badge for them; I would love solving it! :)

Wouldn't it be too easy, we would already know what the badge is about?

You know what all of the other badges are about, but they still retain their difficulties.

Fine, I get it smarty pants! :P

I do love manga, though I don't just pick random manga. How about some suggestions? I don't think I will make the badge too hard, since I remember when I first started and wanted some easier badges :)

I am soooooooooo ready; let the games begin

@ Bookbird: What type of manga do you like? I really like sports and romance manga.

Love the recruitment bonus! I have a friend who was dissing the summer game last year because of some misunderstandings of what it was all about. I just crafted an email message to explain how it REALLY works - maybe the recruitment incentive will be enough to push her over the edge into trying it...

If you're talking about CLAMP books, I would suggest Cardcaptor Sakura or Chobits. My favorite series by them is the Magic Knight Rayearth series, though.

gxl: I like action,adventure,some mystery, whatever the people in Clamp put into their manga....
Morgsush: I have read almost of Clamp's manga. Some, like RG Veda I don't think I would have time to read. The older you grow, the less time you have...... But I will have a majority of the manga if possible. Can't reveal which ones I will put in the badge though:)

Then I can't wait for your badge. :)

I'm still deciding what topics I should cover with my badges... Does anyone have suggestions?

Then I can't wait for your badge. :)

I'm still deciding what topics I should cover with my badges... Does anyone have suggestions?

Edit: Double comment. :(

I've never read Clamp, is it good?

Are THEY good, you mean. CLAMP is a manga group. Basically, a team of female artists who all work together under the name CLAMP and make mangas.

They're authors? I thought Clamp was a series...

No, they're artists. That's why I said Rayearth was my favorite series by them, remember?

Well I read through comments really fast, so half of the time I don't finish the comment...

That's not very good...

Well I kind of have to , or else my parents are like why you spending so much time on Summer Game!

Reading a sentence doesn't take that long...

Well you're a fast reader than I am.

Fast reader?

Faster reader! Sorry!!

Hehe... Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi (nope not really).

Your insincereity has been noted, and I have no complaint s at the moment... However, did I spell the second word right?

It's insincerity.

So I was off by one letter.

Oops. My bad. Insincerity. Got it.

Yay!!!! The townie thing sounds really fun!!!!! And for KRC--morgsush, lets go!!! Yeah! I'm determined to get ALL of the codes! Last year I was off by like 6 and it was HORRIBLE! :P

Except from 1 to the end of KRC on Saturday Ill be gone, so I can't get codes then.

It's ok. I can't be there Saturday from like 1:30 to 3:30--piano lessons. But parzival can help. IF he is coming.

Hopefully he can... But will you be returning after piano?

Yeah. If I can persuade my mom to drive there. In which she hopefully will.

You guys are all teaming up.

Oh no!!! She figured us out!! *gasp* abort, abort!!!! JK. Are you gonna go? You could join.

Please come and help us fill in any events we couldn't go to!

between you three you'll probably get all the codes...

I feel left out, my friends are all teaming up... oh well, I'm partially teamed up with someone...

James owns me so I think I could get codes out of him if he goes...

I think James will give you codes even if he doesn't owe you. I owe James 3 codes. I haven't seen him yet.


I owe Bookbird. (I admit)

any progress on Glass Glazing?

*No comment*

none, right?

Correct. Why else would I type no comment?

Lol. @bookbird, you said James owns you. Haha.

I just assumed that owns=owes.

How did bookbird come into possession of you? :D

You guys have the strangest conversations...

Well aren't all our conversations strange.

Yeah. Especially ones involving morgsush. :P

:) Yup! She can't be saying anything!

Hey, you can't be completely accurate when you are playing SG while worried when your parents will come home and put an end to your computer time.....

He he... :P

What do you mean the ones with me are the strangest? *hmph*

I have no idea....

I dunno morgsush. Why don't you figure that out? Remember the 5k. Before it, during advisory? Yeah. Uh huh. That's right. Who's weird now?

What happened? *curious*

Morgsush and Smiles, you are both equally weird, ok?

I will reserve judgement until I actually meet you two and remember your faces