Tonight: Townie Trivia Night at LIVE: Show Off Your Weird Ann Arbor Knowledge!

UFO SketchUFO SketchThursday, June 13 | 7-9pm | Live, 102 S. 1st Street | Adult

Think you're an expert on all things Ann Arbor? Love trivia, but looking for something that hits a little closer to home than general pop-culture quiz nights? Join us at Live, just a few blocks from the library, for our own version of a pub quiz!

Whether you're a history buff or just think you're hot stuff at searching, AADL's Townie Trivia is your chance to show off your deep local knowledge, learn tidbits about the wild and weird parts of A2's past (complete with photos from our Old News archives), and perhaps enjoy a frosty beverage, while leaving the other trivia buffs in the dust.

The set-up for Townie Trivia is a little different than you might be used to at other trivia events. While some pub quizes make you leave your smartphone at the door, we'll actually be providing each team with a dedicated iPad for research and scoring.

Use a combination of old-timer knowledge and tech savvy to show the other teams who's boss. Show up with an already-formed group of 4-5 members, or go solo -- either is OK. Although the event is intended for adults, all ages are welcome, so if you have a sharp teen who's a potential team member, bring them along!

At the end of the night, we'll have prizes for the winning and runner-up teams!


What's a "pub" quiz? Is it supposed to be "pop" quiz?

I would have loved to come, but sadly my knowledge of this town is quite limited.

A pub quiz is simply a version of a trivia night that takes place in a "public house"/bar:

A pop quiz makes me think of an unpleasant surprise in a class!

Morgsush, we'll be hosting another event like this at the Downtown Library on July 25th if you want to gather a team together for that date!

The fun thing about the way we've set this up is that you don't *have to* be an expert on local history.

We provide every team with library iPads and the questions give you some key ideas/clues on things to search. Since all of the answers can be found within Old News and some of our other local history collections, if you are good at searching (and I bet you are from playing the Summer Game!), you may be faster to come up with the right answer than someone who knows more local history! : )

I don't know much

sounds fun