Summer Game Kick-Off Concert @ TOP: Ice Cream Vendors

Sunday June 16, 2013: 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm -- Top of the Park

Kids Rock@Top Concerts return!! Kick off the 2013 AADL Summer Game at this family-friendly concert with Ice Cream Vendors on the Rackham stage!

Chicago's unique musical institution-Ice Cream Vendors-are not just a musical duo but a mysterious life force! Songs about beta data, bacon men, and sharing eyeglasses will have you smiling and geeking out right alongside them!

Sign up for the AADL Summer Game at the concert, and be one of the leaders for great summer game prizes.


Sounds interesting. Let me guess, there will be codes available to those who attend right? I'm right aren't I. WHYCAN'TMYPARENTSLETMEGOTOTHESETYPEOFEVENTS!!!!!!!!!!

Of course there will be codes available! And an all-new INGALLS QUEST too! Come on, come downtown and have fun at Top of the Park!

what is the Ingalls Quest? and Townie Trivia?

Townie Trivia was an event we had last night at LIVE, but we'll be doing it again at the Downtown Library in July, so stay tuned for that! Ingalls Quest is a Scavenger Hunt at Top of the Park, and you can only play it by visiting the AADL Tent at TOP on Sundays 6/16, 6/23, and 6/30! It's a blast, don't miss it!

My family loves these kids concerts at TOP. Thanks for sponsoring them AADL!

I wish I could've gone

Yay! (If I can get my parents to let me go to the event)

Ingalls quest! Yay!
I can't wait!


I just remembered..... is there s new Do or Diag too?

I never get to go to these events...

Me neither...

Our lives are so sad... I bet everyone is having fun there... T.T

....... :(

Oh well.. We'll have fun doing nothing at home...


Get the codes from a friend! I think I'm going to bug Jessica to give me the codes.


None of your friends go to this event? Actually I don't know if Jessica is going...

I don't think T*** or S**** went. Possibly S****. Hopefully.

Well there are more of these events right?

I suppose.

So go to one of the other events!

Good idea.

Hopefully I can go... probably not...

Nope Grace, you're not getting my codes...

Did you go to the event?

I'm assuming she did, else why would the Almighty Code-Getting, Advent Attending Morgsush write that?

She's so lucky, my parents don't really take me to events...

Yep, I went with Smiles.

Not fair. :(

In summer game, there are the lucky ones who can go on their own or have willing parents, and the ones who's parents can't or won't take them to events

Yes there are. My mom actually said I could go, but then we wound up buying books for one of my mom's friends children.
gxl, you actually met him at costco.

Well, there are still plenty other concerts to go to. Just go to one of those!

My parents might actually bring me to the Top Concert thing. I was wondering what the Ingalls Quest is, I'm still kind of new to this.

It is basically a little scavenger hunt to find little words around the concert area.

That don't sound that bad...

It is if you can't go

True that! Well you could try to go to one of the other ones!

It is actually really fun. Plus you get some exercise, so your parents don't get annoyed at you sitting in front of the computer all of the time.

Thanks for making us feel bad. :P

What? I swear, you guys are online for 8 hours straight sometimes...

Nope, how would you have more points than me if I was on for that long.

For all of you people, I actually sleep.

I do too.

You comment at like 11:45!

You guys stay up way too late...


Well, 11:45 isn't THAT late.

*cough* Sure it isn't...

And FYI to all of y'all summer gamers interested in the Ingalls quest, it's really fun! And Morgsush and I kinda failed it. Haha. We walked past half of the stuff. It was embarrassing…

Oh yeah... Hehe...
Smiles! I thought we agreed to never talk about that again!

Ohhh. We did?!? Oops. It just slipped out. Haha… :/

Maybe I'll see James if I go to the next one. Did any of you get all the library codes?

Like the branch explorer thing? I didn't.

I got Traverwood and Downtown... Still have to visit the rest.

i have pittsfield and mallets... a friend can get me downtown and possibly west.
traverwood I can get on my own. eventually....

I only need west right now, my friends gave me the rest. :)

lucky. Everyone agrees that west is the hardest to get because of it's location?

I've never been to the west library.

I have. it's very small but has a separate room for kids and teen books. that was good

Bookbird can you email me the downtown and west codes?

Oh. I'm missing West too. Morgsush, check your email. And west branch IS a nice branch. It's small though.

Oh. I'm missing West too. Morgsush, check your email. And west branch IS a nice branch. It's small though.

Edit: What?!?!? I didn't even press it twice!!!!!! Ugh!! How annoying! I officially hate my iPod!

West actually has lots of good books, despite its size.

Yeah… the huge bookshelves full of books. *sigh*
Sorry, I just had a daydream about checking out books. :P

I've never been to West either...
Thanks, Smiles!

The West Branch has all of my Prince of Tennis books. *sigh* :(

@ Zhengyang1022: Aren't you going to KRC, you could just get the Downtown code there. Have you already gone to the Traverwood branch yet, I still owe you those 3 codes...

Your prince of tennis books? Last time I checked, they were the library's. :P

Well I really love that series so yeah.

Ahhhh. I see. Loving books gives you possession of them.

That makes everyone who enjoys a book joint owners of that book....or something

gxl: Just read them online.

I believe there are various websites where you can read scanned copies, though I kinda prefer the original if it's not flipped to be read left to right.

Yeah, gxl. Just read them online. I've read like all of my manga online. Except for animal academy!!! I really want to read animal academy!!!

I do read manga online, but I prefer the actual book.

I need manga suggestions! Boredboredboredboredboredneedbooksneedmangadon'twanttotypereviewsrightnow......

I recommend Black Butler, but I bet you've already read it.

I have.

Ouran Hishschool Host Club, S.A., High School Debut, Skip Beat... I know a lot of romance mangas.

I'm not really interested in romance mangas.....

What about Whistle and Prince of Tennis. I know an anime my friend recommended called Sword Art Online, it's really good, but you won't get SG points for it.

"it's really good, but you won't get SG points for it."
what does that mean?

See, if you read or watch this series, its online, you can't find the books and anime in aadl.

so I won't be able to enter it in as my daily 1000 points?

Sadly, no.

Why not? You can manually enter in things you've done if it is not found in the catalog.

You can?!?! I've never done that before!

Yeah you can. Just enter it. You could enter it for minutes you read the book. Don't let gxl give you false info. :D