Yarn Bomb the Library: Knit & Tag

Saturday, June 8 | 11am-1pm | Pittsfield Branch | Grade 6th- Adult

June 8 is International Yarn Bomb Day! We have two yarn bomb programs at Pittsfield to celebrate. First up:

Help us yarn bomb the exterior of the Pittsfield Branch Library! What is yarn bombing? It’s a form of knit graffiti and public art. We will be adding a coat of knitted color to the trees outside Pittsfield.

At the program you’ll learn how to knit simple pieces with our knit-cam and an instructor (the multi-talented Karen LePage of One Girl Circus) to help guide you. At the end of the program we'll use the pieces we created to yarn bomb the front of Pittsfield. We'd love your help with this art collaboration! The knitting instruction starts at 11am, and it’s not an easy program to arrive late to if you plan to knit for the first time.

We highly encourage experienced knitters and crocheters to also join us. Or if you have a piece already made, bring it to the program and we’ll direct you to the yarn bomb zone!

We have a ton of yarn on hand, but ask that you bring needles size 8 or 9 if you have them. For the younger patrons we have a yarn bomb program for grade K- Adult at Pittsfield from 3-5pm!

For more info on yarn bombing see this great website, and check out the book Yarn bombing: The art of crochet and knit graffiti. For better visuals, visit the Downtown library garden, which was yarn bombed in May!


I have never heard of yarn bombing, but it seems like an interesting activity. I've seen some of the things people do to the trees at the Downtown library. How do you even yarn bomb? Is it like knitting around a tree?

You knit a swatch whatever color and size you want, then you wrap it around a branch it fits on and attach it to the tree by sewing up the two ends, or you can use zip ties!

So pretty

Seems like something they've never done before! Too bad it was nearly a month ago...

I would have definitely gone to this!

sounds like fun

Good time ..