Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days

If the fish out of water scenario appeals to you, check out Morgan Spurlock’s television show 30 Days. In this reality TV series Spurlock, or some person or people, spend 30 days immersing themselves in a lifestyle that is completely different from their own. In the pilot episode, Spurlock and his fiancé attempt to live 30 days on minimum wage. (At the time of filming minimum wage was $5.15 an hour.) They allow themselves one week of pay as a cushion (approximately $300), and are not allowed to use any form of credit. What unfolds is a window into the life of living paycheck to paycheck, without health insurance or reliable transportation, all while battling hunger. The concept for the show stemmed from Spurlock’s documentary Super Size Me where he goes on a McDonald's only diet for 30 days straight. The film documents the physical and mental toll this lifestyle change makes on him and explores the world of the fast food industry. The documentary series 30 Days touches on issues in American life that ranges from poverty, outsourcing and binge drinking. This is a great experiment on walking in other people’s shoes as a way to understand who they are and why they have their beliefs and ideas.


One episode of "30 Days" featured a local family of two dads and four boys who hosted a very conservative woman from another state. The show was to demonstrate how gays and homophobes would interact. The woman also visited many places around town, such as Common Language, a bookstore in Ann Arbor. The episode is well worth watching.


I love this series. If you like his other documentaries, you'll like this TV series