Fabulous Fiction Firsts #401

Award-winning YA author and a National Book Award finalist Deb Caletti brings us her first adult novel with He's Gone *, an intensely gripping story about love, loss, marriage, and secrets that would appeal to readers of Jodi Picoult, Kristin Hannah, and Anna Quindlen.

Sunday morning, Dani Keller wakes up on her Seattle houseboat with a headache and a hangover to find her husband, Ian is not home. As the hours pass, irritation shifts to worry, worry slides almost imperceptibly into panic, as she realizes : He's gone.

As the police work methodically through all the logical explanations, Dani plumbs the depths of her conscience, turning over and revealing the darkest of her secrets in order to discover the hard truth - about herself, her husband, and their lives together.

"Readers will find themselves swept up by the crisis, made palpable by Caletti's believable characters and their raw emotions. As much a gripping emotional thriller as it is a book about love and relationships, Caletti's newest work will please old fans and garner new ones."

* = starred review


Nice new release

I'll have to check this out