Winners of the 2013 AADL Teen Short Story Contest!

47 Finalists were honored on Saturday, May 11, from a pool of 335 submissions for this year's 21st Annual Teen Short Story Writing Contest.

A. S. King spoke to a packed house of teen writers, their families and friends. She delivered a motivational speech, sharing stories of her path as a writer, full of inspiration and wit.
Click here to see the slate of award winning judges.

Below are the top nine winners in each off the three grade categories:

Middle School:
1st Place - 'The Soles of Our Shoes' by Cynthia Jia
2nd Place - 'Beach Glass' by Sofia Kwok
3rd Place - 'The Invasion of Lizzy Burnell' by Mary Collins

High School 9th/10th:
1st Place - 'The Gourd Tree' by Marie Martelli
2nd Place - 'Prisoner's Dilemma' by Milo Davidson
3rd Place - 'Sunstep' by Steven Schulte

High School 11th/12th:
1st Place - 'Going Once' by Allison Light
2nd Place - 'Buoyancy' by Josie Benson
3rd Place - 'Breach' by Leah Awkward-Rich

Congratulations to all the writers, and we hope you continue to write many stories!


when did this event take place? My kids are sorry they missed it.

The Teen Short Story Contest has been happening for many years now, and is announced in January and ends in May with an awards ceremony. It is open to teens in grades 6-12. We have plans to continue this contest so look for information posted to our website, in the library newsletters and/or you can check with your kids' teachers. Thanks for your interest! There is also a list of writing resources that is updated every year and your students might find some helpful information about writing here-

Hi there! I sent an email to the It's All Write email address containing this, but I'm not sure whether that will get read since the contest is over, so I decided to post this here. I hope I'm not being pesky, it just occurred to me that you might not be checking the contest email:)

I was delighted to win third place in the It's All Write middle school contest. The awards ceremony was great! However, when I received the booklet in the mail, my short story wasn't in it-instead, the second place story which was right before it was printed again, although my name and my title were on it. I'm assuming this was a mistake, but is there anything that can be done about it? I would like to see my story in print if that is at all possible. Thank you for the work you do on this contest!:)

The booklet is being reprinted. You should have your correct copy soon. Congratulations on being one of our winners and we look forward to seeing your stories in the future.

Wow, congratulations to all of the winners!
I wish I could write as well as you do.

Congrats to the winners :) and everybody who participated

Congratulations to the winners!!!

that is really cool

Congratulations to all the writers who participated. Way to go!

congrats all!