Wall Street Demystified: Learn to Use the Morningstar Database Tuesday, May 14th at 7pm

Ever wanted to find out the price/earnings ratio of a stock? Find growth or income mutual funds for your retirement account? Read a concise synopsis of the quarterly performance of various industry sectors?

Learn to use the Morningstar Investment database, a service provided by the Ann Arbor District Library. Morningstar is a respected and reliable source of independent investment analysis for all levels of fund and stock investors, ranging from inexperienced beginners to sophisticated experts.

Join us Tuesday, May 14th at 7pm in the Downtown Training Center located on the 3rd floor. We'll go over the basics of looking up a stock or mutual fund, create screens to find specific categories of stocks or mutual funds, and take a look at Morningstar's portfolio planning tools.

No registration necessary.


I think ''join us Tuesday May 15th" should be May14th......


Will this be offered again? I'm unable to attend today, but its of great interest to me.

We usually offer this event at least once a year.

I don't know anything about stocks