Return Visit From the Detroit PuppetART Theater on Sunday, May 5th at 3pm

beautybeautyIf you missed them last time please join us at the Ann Arbor District Library's downtown location for a repeat performance of their wonderful production of Sleeping Beauty.

PuppetART’s production of Sleeping Beauty is a puppet ballet. The story is told through the movement of the puppets and wonderful classical music that accompanies the show.

Sleeping Beauty is a very old tale and it has been told many times in many ways. PuppetART’s version includes some new and interesting details. We all know that Sleeping Beauty has been cursed by a wicked fairy and is forced to sleep until she is awakened by a kiss from a Prince. Most versions focus upon the Princess’s story but this production sheds light on the story of the Prince as well. We find out how he knows of the sleeping Princess and why he feels destined to rescue her. You can relax and enjoy the show because this story, as all fairy tales, promises a very happy ending.

For all materials Sleeping Beauty available at the Ann Arbor District Library follow this link: Sleeping Beauty

The Detroit based theater, was founded in 1998 by a group of puppeteers and artists trained in the former Soviet Union. All members of the PuppetART troupe are masters of puppetry art theater. PuppetART offers a repertoire of eight productions, including one created for adult audiences. Performances feature hand, rod, shadow, floor tabletop and string or marionette puppets. All events at PuppetART combine a theater performance, a tour of the museum and a workshop in the studio. A visit to their downtown theater is a treat not to be missed!!

See you there!!!


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