Described Video Service/DVS

AADL continues to grow its collection of films that have a Descriptive Video Service or DVS feature. More films are being produced for children and adults that are Described Video Recordings for L Card users to borrow. There are comedies, action, animation, horror and science fiction films available. Many can be sent by mail to our WLBPD patrons as Free Matter for the Blind. If there's a member of your family who has been missing out on movies due to low-vision, look at our list of described videos that you can watch together!


YAY!!! Go AADL!!!!

And YAY for the producers who added the narration track to dozens of new films!

aadl rocks

aadl rocks

AADL is the best

cooollllll aadl


Is this a new service?ice.

This is not a new service. Many DVDs produced by PBS have included the DVS track. It's just that more DVDs are being produced with this track now. I get a lot of the information about which DVDs have DVS from this site. There are also television shows with descriptive narration.

This is exciting!

This is a great feature to showcase. Not too many people know about these types of features on the newer DVDs