Learning Express Library


Did you know that you can access dozens of practice tests and 150 e-books by going to the LearningExpress Library from our Research Pages? Just click on the Research Tab and then the click on the link that says "Test Prep". LearningExpress Library is the sole item with that heading. You will need an additional log in to access this database to take practice tests. Once you get there, you'll see all sorts of test preparation resources from the GMAT, the LSAT, the PCAT and the GRE. There's even some basic math skill building, which can be useful for everyone, every day! Can I get an "Awesome" on that? Because it really is awesome!! Tell your friends!


I've used it, it's really helpful.

I've used it, too! Thanks for the endorsement.

never did but sure will try .

thanks for the great info!

Is this free to just anyone or free to those with a AADL account?

This a good idea. Thanks for sharing! This is really very useful to everyone especially for exams preparations. I think, it will help students and adult learners with basic skills improvement also.