Pitch Perfect on DVD

I didn’t expect to enjoy Pitch Perfect, but I did. Beca is a freshman in college and she has no interest in college life. She’d rather be in the real world DJing and producing music. Her father is a professor at the school and makes a deal with her that if she is in college for a year and joins a club and hates it, she gets to drop out and he’ll pay her way to LA to make music.

Enter the Barden Bellas. The Bellas are an all girls a cappella group that take on their rival male singing group, and surprisingly, talented outsider Beca is able to add some life to their stale routines, which creates tension between her and the group's leader who isn't into changing up.

The film is quite funny with the singing cast offering many one liners. Watching the cast members create and perform the musical routines is pretty entertaining.


This movie is "a ca"-awful. It's supposed to be about an acapella competition, but it isn't. There is backup music everywhere. They try to make it like Glee, but can't pull it off. The singing is fine, the dance fine. The plot is old. And using the beginning of acapella before every eighth word is irritating.

I loved the concept, and it had a few moments. But I wouldn't encourage anyone to aca-waste their time on this.

Pitch Perfect turned out to be better and more watchable film that many would have expected...

I love this movie!