Minecraft 1.5 has been released!

Minecraft 1.5, The Redstone Update, was released today. There is already a planned 1.5.1 update in the work.

Given that we're using Bukkit, we'll be staying behind on 1.4.7 until a new beta release of craftbukkit comes out.

As in the past, if you've already upgraded your Minecraft client and then connect to the library server, you'll be told that our server is outdated and then disconnected.

Tools such as Minecraft Version Changer will allow you to roll back your client to connect with the library's server.


Minecraft version 1.6 has been released, and it'd be nice to get that on the AADL server, because it adds a large number of new blocks that would be useful, but it's a little less urgent than it was because the new Minecraft Launcher makes it easy for users to keep multiple versions of Minecraft on their computers. So you can just create a profile that is for version 1.5.2 and use that to connect to AADL.

Hmmm... The minecraft server is up again after being down for a while, but it's still completely unusable. Any plans to bring it back?