Searching For Sugar Man on DVD

What a delightful film! The highly acclaimed and Academy Award nominated for Best Documentary Feature, Searching For Sugar Man tells the story of Rodriguez, the biggest 70s music icon that never was.

Discovered at a bar in Detroit, Sixto Rodriguez released two folk albums that did not sell well in the States and he was eventually dropped from his label. Meanwhile, bootleg copies ended up in South Africa where he became a much loved phenomenon, unbeknownst to him! Fans had no information about him, only his popular records. In the late 90s two South African fans set out to unravel the mystery and find out what really happened to Rodriguez. They discovered that he was in fact still alive, and their discovery changed both of their lives with magical results.

The film is beautifully shot and laced with a great soundtrack. Rodriguez seems like a humble and soulful human being and the search for the Sugar Man created a truly moving and inspirational film. Five stars!


I LOVE Rodriguez! I had the pleasure of seeing him perform at the Ann Arbor Folk Fest last month. You can definitely tell through this documentary that he is a real humble dude. And he deserves all of the praise he got in South Africa. I can't believe he didn't make it big here! He reminds me a lot of Bob Dylan. I think the coolest thing about him is that he still lives in the same house in Detroit that he always has, despite the recent fame and fortune. So much love for this guy! Thanks for writing this blog post, Manz :)

Very excited to see this film win the Academy Award!