Beautiful No-Mow Yards

Seed catalogs are appearing in my mailbox. So, in spite of the white stuff outside, it is time to begin dreaming about and planning for next year’s garden. Part of my long-term plan has been to retire the lawn – by that I mean the green stuff that grows and has to be cut. But what do you replace it with? When I found this book, I knew I had found my answer. Actually, 50 potential answers. For that is how many lawn alternatives are highlighted in this wonderful book, Beautiful No-Mow Yards.

Let’s face it, a lush, green lawn, cut to the perfect height is lovely. But it takes a lot of water, fertilizer, time and machinery to keep it that way. And, lovely though it may be, it is a bit of a waste when you consider the alternatives, such as: a rain garden, a meadow, an edible garden, a living carpet, a shade garden, ponds, patios, play areas and, my personal favorite, a stroll garden. Even if you cannot consider giving up the lawn, there are ideas here for a ‘smarter’, eco-friendly lawn. For more ideas along those lines take a look at this website.

Beautiful pictures and how-to details about making the transition, with what-to details about planting, make this book practical as well as inspiring. Dream now, for spring cannot be far, can it?


This sounds like a great book. I've been working in the direction of a no-mow yard for years, quite surreptitiously. I'm pretty sure one of the potential answers may be to become a c(lover), get it, a clover-lover, which I am. Here's the thing, as a companion book, I need: "How to talk your partner into the idea of a no-mow yard". :D

Long have I dreamed of a no-mow yard!