Being Flynn, on DVD

In Being Flynn, Robert DeNiro and Paul Dano wonderfully portray Jonathan and Nick Flynn, father and son, both writers. Nick hasn’t seen his father in 18 years, then he calls one day seeking help. Nick is resistant, but intrigued and follows through. He finds that his father is still a difficult person to know, for many reasons. In his 20s, Nick is in a transitional phase of his life and finds work in a local homeless shelter. All is going well with his new job and new friends… until Jonathan walks into the shelter one night looking for a bed. Nick battles addiction, a failing new relationship, and trying to have a relationship with his stubborn con-man of a father who creates tension in his workplace. Behind it all, the two share the talent of writing.

The film is an interesting portrait of the complicated relationship and bond that can exist between parent and child. Not a light story, but this limited release film is a worthy viewing. It is based on author Nick Flynn’s award-winning memoir, also available at AADL.